Drake has not been arrested in Sweden, contrary to rumours that started spreading on social media today. 

The rumours claimed that Drake and his security team were taken into custody by authorities while they were visiting a Swedish nightclub late on Thursday, July 14th. According to these unconfirmed reports, Drake was allegedly arrested on marijuana charges.

While it’s true that Drake is in the Scandinavian country, with a video showing his private plane touching down in Sweden being shared online earlier this week, the story of his misdemeanour has turned out to be false.

Huffington Post’s front page editor Phil Lewis dismissed the rumours on Twitter. “FYI: I talked to Swedish police and they told me Drake is not currently in their custody. (That was the only info they would give),” he wrote.

He then added an update from Drake’s team, who said “Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested.”

Fans were quick to express their relief in the comments. “Hooray,” wrote one. “Thanks bro,” said someone else to Lewis. “Thank goodness,” wrote reporter La’Tasha Givens. Lots of others insisted they were on their way to Sweden to help the rapper.

Before the rumour was revealed to be untrue, plenty of people had a lot of fun at the rapper’s expense. The best reaction might have been the person who posted a picture of Fake Drake and told Swedish authorities this was the man they really wanted.

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It’s not known what has brought Drake to Sweden. We’ll keep you in the loop with any further updates.

It’s not the only completely unfounded rumour to gain traction online this week. A viral but fake meme done the rounds saying that Ryan Gosling once called people who make memes “losers and virgins.” The quote was obviously fake, but it didn’t stop the internet having a lot of fun with the idea anyway.

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