Content Warning: This article about Marilyn Manson discusses sexual abuse and domestic violence. If you or someone you know is affected by the following story, you are not alone. To speak to someone, you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.

The last few weeks have seen a series of disturbing sexual assault allegations surrounding Marilyn Manson. Now, Game Of Thrones star Esmé Bianco is the latest victim to speak up, claiming that the singer cut her with a knife and chased her with an axe.

The actress first hinted at abuse from Manson in an Instagram post last week. She has now opened up on her experience in an interview with The Cut.

Bianco was romantically involved with Manson in 2009 and told the publication that he cut her torso with a knife. “I just remember laying there, and I didn’t fight it, It was kind of this final-straw moment where I had lost all sense of hope and safety.”

The actress says that Manson was very controlling of all aspects of her life, from her sleep schedule, to what she was allowed to wear.

“I basically felt like a prisoner. I came and went at his pleasure. Who I spoke to was completely controlled by him. I called my family hiding in the closet,” she revealed.

A former member of Manson’s inner circle, who used the pseudonym Alex in the piece by The Cut, said that Manson would play Bianco’s sex scenes from the Game of Thrones premiere on a projector for guests to watch in an act to humiliate her. He said he remembers the scene being played at least four times and alleges Manson said, “That’s my girlfriend, she’s a whore. Look, her tits are out.”

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Bianco told The Cut that the breaking point for her in their relationship was when Manson ‘chased her around the apartment with an ax.’ She revealed that she broke up with him a month later over email.

Though a decade has passed since Bianco says she experienced the traumatic events, she’s revealed that she still suffers from PSTD. She shared that Manson went from being a “massive role model who really helped me through some incredibly dark and difficult times as a teenager” to a “monster who almost destroyed me and almost destroyed so many women.”

Bianco joins Evan Rachel Wood and at least five other women who have claimed to experience sexual assault from Manson.

Read the full investigative feature on The Cut.

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