The Falls Festival 2013 set times have landed, and right on cue, following the festival’s WA sister event Southbound 2014 dropping its timetable yesterday.

The full artist timetables for all three legs of the New Year’s festival – the traditional home in Lorne, Tasmania’s Marion Bay, and the newly added Byron Bay – are now locked in.

The set times also answer the big question that’s been hovering in the minds of ticket-holders for each leg: which band they’ll be treated to when the big countdown begins.

Ringing in the New Year in Byron Bay will be band leader Questlove, TIME’s Coolest Person of 2013, and his legendary live hip hop crew The Roots. New York indie royalty Vampire Weekend will be handling the New Year’s honours for patrons in Lorne, while Marion Bay will be celebrating the stroke of midnight with The Wombats.

There’s a lot to take in the action-packed list of stages, but at a glance Falls Festival have done a great job with minimising the dreaded timetable clashes.

Marion Bay punters get the most concise run of artists. There’s a full Monday’s worth of amazing acts at the main Valley Stage, (Big Scary to Johnny Marr to Bonobo and The Cat Empire followed by Vampire Weekend and The Roots) and a clear Tuesday night sled of Neil Finn, MGMT (who you could play onstage with!), The Wombats, and !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

Meanwhile Lorne’s first two days offer clash-free schedules, with a particularly dream Sunday run for indie lovers (London Grammar into Solange then Flight Facilities, anyone?), while the following two days eases some tough decision making by splitting the genre difference between the Grand Theatre and Valley Stage (don’t dig the legendary Neil Finn for example? No dramas, catch J Award rising star REMi instead).

Over at Byron Bay – where a limited amount of 3 Day Tickets have just been released (buy here) – things look particularly busy, with the additions of the Jack Daniel’s Barrel House and Club House stages, but the alternating sets between the Amphitheatre and Forest Stages still means you can mix your locals and internationals with no muss, no fuss.

Along with the Falls Festival 2013 set times, there’s also the maps that detail the mighty layout of each leg, so you can inspect that the new Byron leg that’s hosted on a shared part of the Yelgun festival site used for this year’s Splendour In The Grass in detail.

If you don’t to go the traditional ‘print. highlight. laminate.’ route for your set times and maps, there’s always the official festival iPhone and Android apps that will let you build and share your own personal Falls timetables (just remember to bring a charger)!

While tickets are sold out for Lorne and Byron Bay (with festival-goers who are driving reminded to pre-purchase a car pass), tickets to the award-winning Marion Bay leg are still available, including the VIP Gimme Shelter and Tepee Life passes (investigate and purchase here).

Falls Festival 2013 Set Times – Lorne

View/download the Falls Festival – Lorne Map here.
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Falls Set Times Lorne

Falls Festival 2013 Set Times – Marion Bay

View/download the Falls Festival – Marion Bay Map here.
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Falls Set Times Marion Bay

Falls Festival 2013 Set Times – Byron Bay

View/download the Falls Festival – Byron Bay Map here.
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Falls Set Times Byron Bay

Falls Festival 2013 The Village Arts Program

A Moment in Time, Amanita, Baba Yaga Orkestar, Beauty Parlour, Bike Powered Games, The Biscuit Readings, Bohjass Upas Militia, The Burnt Sausages, Coral Lee and the Silver Scream, Crystal and The Wanninashvilles, DJ Lovely Clearwaters’ Bike Powered Ten Minute Dance Parties, DJ NIGHTWRK, Empat Lima, Exhale (Gravity & Other Myths), Falls’ hip-hop yoga, Feed Your Family: A pop-up playground game, Geryon, The Harpoons, High Striker, Karaoke Falls, Larry Bang Bang, Larry’s Tattoo Show, Lessons with Luis, Liam Power, Magical Entertainer, Mangelwurzel, Mona Povey, The Red Brigade, Richie 1250 & The Brides of Christ, So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance, Snorkellarama by Kinetic Theatre, Tina Del Twist, Victoriana Gaye, Xavier Michelides.

After Dark, All of the Things!, Alan Gogoll, Anthony Morgan, BJ Morriszonkle, Camp Cheveux Hair Salon, Cicada, Clubhouse Comedy, The D&M Music Experience, Danger Academy, Danger and Mayhem Swing Out!, Dr. Professor Neal Portenza, Emlyns, Enola Fall, Fleasha’s Fantastic Flea Circus, Georgia Lucy, Group Noise, Heloise, The Impossible No Goods, Joseph Joseph, Joel Tito, King Cake, The Lawless Quartet, Made For Chickens By Robots, Maharaja’s Choice, Mieke Lizotte, Miss Friby’s Den of Iniquity, NICA’s The Right Mix, Nicholas Osborn, Peter Bibby, PGC, The Raccoons, Rose Ottavi-Kokkoris, Salty Serge, So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance, The Surreal Estate Agents, Sweet Country Jam, Ten Minute Dance parties, Tiger Choir, Transylvanian Gypsy Kings, VARDOS.

Bollywood Sisters, The Button Collective, CabilWoolfzinger, The Captain Syphilis Experience, The Cassettes, Dangling My Tootsies – Songs of Weimar Berlin by Annie Lee, Deya Dova, Die RotenPunkte (The Red Dots) – Otto & Astrid Rot, Dr. Seth Greengil, Hussy Hicks, Ilona Harker, Invisible Friend, Jimmy Willing presents: Bring On The Dancing Girls, Joel Salom, Juzzie Smith, Kimberley McIntyre, The Lab, Laura-Doe’s Vaudeville of the Vulva, The Lollipop Ladies, Miss Belle Benét, Mr Speaker and the People Party, The mysterious case of Ms Mae Wilde’s identity crisis, Porcelain Punch, Rapskallion, Reilly Fitzalan, Safety First, Sistagurl, Shep Huntly, Shiny Shiny, The Slow Show, So You Think You Can Interpretive Dance, Suzy Leigh, Ten Minute Dance Parties, The Tiniest Circus with the Biggest Heart!, Wacko and Blotto, Willow Beats.

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