Triple J Unearthed finalists’ Arcade Made debut EP is a surprisingly large sound for a trio. The polished collection of tunes see them vary in a style within the indie-rock realm.

Opener “Inches” immediately shows off the band’s infectious and laid back style with Harry Ward’s gentle vocals floating above the guitar line. The metronome like drum beat and bass line reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s adds an immediate dance quality to the song.

The track goes back and forth between Ward’s almost whispering vocals, “Maybe I’m awful at heart” and sparse instrumentation to a heavier feeling with a pumping bass line and drums, adding a grungier feel to the song.

Again, the band’s diversity is showcased on “Bonnie” which begins with hushed vocals layered upon a slower guitar riff and gentle drum tapping. The chorus however showcases a more classic rock lineup, with the bassline anchoring the piece and Ward’s vocals almost screaming above the dance worthy tempo.

“The Distance” offers listeners are more broody pop song with the droning vocals whirling over the gentle guitar notes.

The real treat for the listeners however is evidently kept to the last track, being single “Shoot The Pricks”. Despite starting as a slow and gentle track, it builds to a heavier track with flawless guitar licks and a  heavy bass line.

The tongue in cheek lyrics, “Shoot the pricks fuck the chicks, suck the dicks” float above the guitar lines in a way you can’t help but want to sing-a-long to.

We Were Famous sees the Brisbane trio explore a variety of indie-rock styles in just four tracks leaving listeners with high hopes for Arcade Made.

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