A new series from Hulu about Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee shows the titular actors Sebastian Stan and Lily James have an uncanny resemblance.

Variety reports the new eight episodic limited comedic series is about the famous duo, and that erm, even more famous video. Yep, the first ever, viral video-the sex tape of Tommy Lee-is getting its own show.

When not playing the Winter Soldier in Captain America, Sebastian Stan has shown he has the chops (at least, lookwise), to pull off the mannerisms and look of the Mötley Crue drummer. Lily James take us back to 1995 with her Pamela Anderson vibe, and you don’t need a slow run on the beach to be captivated by the likeness.

Both Stan and James posted quotes to their Instagrams from Anderson and Lee.

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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – Tommy Lee #mightymousealwaysgetsthegirl #pamandtommy,” he wrote.

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