As Pist Idiots celebrate the release of their long-awaiting debut album, we’ve decided to celebrate the burgeoning Aus-rock royalty with a look at five of their best tracks.

For the past few years, it’s been impossible to talk about pub-rock without a mention of Pist Idiots. Hailing from Revesby, the ferocious four-piece have been hard at work, dishing out raucous tracks at every turn, evolving from a scrappy garage rock band into one of the most accomplished and impressive bands on the scene in almost no time.

Now, after three EPs, countless singles, and a litany of live shows (fingers crossed we get more of those soon), the group have unveiled their debut albumIdiocracy. Produced by Bad//Dreems’ Alex Cameron, and Chris Collins, the record is a powerful showcase of what makes the Pisties one of the most intense groups out there today.

Armed with razor-sharp lyricism, dirty, distortion-laden tracks, and reflective numbers that illustrate their versatility, Idiocracy has something for everyone, and is on track to be one of the year’s best albums.

To celebrate the release of the group’s album, we’ve decided to take a look at five of the group’s best songs, ranging from their new-classics to their old-favourites.

Check out Pist Idiots’ latest album Idiocracy:

1. ‘Idiocracy’

Framing the album brilliantly, the titular ‘Idiocracy’ sets the mood – and bar – high for this debut album. With just two minutes and a few seconds in its arsenal, the song jumps right into their high-energy, chaotic, and classic sound, making you want to get up, smash some things, and really get into the groove.

A song that we’re definitely keen to see performed once gigs are back good and proper, this song just begs for a mosh pit to open up, beer to be slung, and for the words to pour from our mouths.

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Check out ‘Idiocracy’ by Pist Idiots:

2. ‘Fuck Off’

Any band will agree that to really stand out from the crowd, you need a big song to kick you off. When it comes to a band like Pist Idiots, what better way to make a name for themselves by debuting with a stunning mix of pub-rock, dirty instrumentation, and one of the most chant-worthy choruses you’ll find anywhere?

The result was one of the group’s most popular early tunes, with ‘Fuck Off’ becoming a huge favourite amongst diehard fans and newcomers everywhere. If ever you needed proof of this, just catch the group live and try your best not to belt out the iconic chorus. It’s an impossible task.

Check out Pist Idiots’ ‘Fuck Off’:

3. ‘Leave It At That’

When Pist Idiots unleashed their second EP, they were tasked with following up an amazing debut that had already delivered a bunch of songs that set them apart as leaders of the Aussie rock genre. So how do you come back even stronger? Well, in the band’s case, it’s write a slick tune like ‘Leave It At That’ to prove they mean business.

Showcasing their furious style and slick songwriting style, ‘Leave It At That’ was something of an evolution for Pist Idiots, showing that they weren’t some sort of fluke, but rather, a powerhouse of rocking tunes, dedicated to making blistering rock tunes that would resonate for years to come.

Check out ‘Leave It At That’ by Pist Idiots:

4. ‘Ticker’

For their third EP, Pist Idiots went into things much the same way they did their first, but this time they were keen to show just how much their songwriting had evolved in just a few short years, with the likes of ‘Ticker’ helping illustrate this. A slow-burning piece of heartfelt rock, ‘Ticker’ had everything it needed – power, attitude, and above all, the titular heart.

Another evolutionary moment for the group, ‘Ticker’ showed that they weren’t just capable of writing amazing mosh-worthy numbers, but also able to back it up with the sort of introspective tunes that set them apart from their contemporaries. One of their most impressive tracks to date, it’s hard to have a Pisties sesh without a bit of ‘Ticker’.

Check out Pist Idiots’ ‘Ticker’:

5. ‘Juliette’

Already boasting over 275,000 streams via Spotify, ‘Juliette’ takes a slower pace than the typical high-energy that Pist Idiots is known for. Featuring on their new album Idiocracy, this track, and accompanying music video, gives us the vibes we’ve been craving.

Obviously, this song is still resonating high with fans, and will serve as a great cool down moment for live crowds when we’re all sweaty from the chaos of a live gig. Chock full of brilliant, belting moments, we can’t wait to see this song get the proper singalong it deserves.

Check out ‘Juliette’ by Pist Idiots: