If hell is just a sauna then what maketh the fiery furnace that is Burning Man? Footage has emerged of Australia’s prodigal son, Flume, eating ass on stage at Burning Man festival.

Flume performed at the 2019 instalment of Burning Man festival. The festival, situated in the middle of a Nevada desert, is notorious for absolutely insane displays of hedonism and general looseness. It seems as though our dear friend Harley was fully absorbed in the festivals chaotic energy.

Bussy-gate 2019 was captured by Flume’s rumoured girlfriend, Paige Elkington. A now-removed Instagram story on her account featured a sign present during Flume’s set, beckoning the one question on everyone’s lips “Does Flume even eat ass?

The answer is, apparently, yes. Midway through the set, Flume made the public declaration that he does in fact indulge in the rump. This is news that nobody knows how to process. What happened to the herby, poodle-owning, pottery enthusiast producer that we all know and love. Who is this bussy-loving deviant?

You can witness unfurl with your very own eyes below.

In July, Flume dropped a surprise collaborative EP, Quits, with hip-hop artist, Reo Cragun. The EP marked the second collaboration between the two artists. Cragun lent his talents to Flume’s single ‘Friends.’ The track dropped the week after Flume released his mixtape Hi, This Is Flume in March.