Foo Fighters have ended all speculation as to when they will release new music with the surprise release of new single, ‘Run’.

The song switches between a mid-tempo power ballad and a punishing metal track, with Grohl’s scream given a mighty workout throughout the verses. It’s not likely to receive much love from radio — although the fact that commercial radio haven’t had a “hot new Fooeys track” for a while might see some programmers choose to play it — and seems more a blast-out-the-cobwebs type song then a lead single from an album. It’s very cool, and one of the best things the band have done for a while. Let’s hope more music is coming soon.

It also comes complete with a suitably-ridiculous Dave Grohl-directed video clip where the band — aged through clever make-up and flowing white wigs — cause havoc in a nursing home.