After 11 years, Foster the People drummer Mark Pontius has announced he will be leaving the band. 

In a lengthy open letter posted to the band’s socials, titled “A statement from Mark Pontius,” Pontius explained his decision to close this chapter of his life, noting “I’ve had a lot of time to myself to reflect on what truly matters.”

Pontius mused that over their decade-long career, he’s “check everything off” his career bucket list, and is now looking to dedicate his time to raising his 2-year-old daughter.

“I’ve struggled with finding the words to begin this announcement so I guess I’ll just rip off the band-aid and say that I’ve decided to leave the band I helped start 11 years ago, Foster the People,” he wrote.

“As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our first record Torches, I’ve been flooded with memories of our sudden success, achieving all of my career aspirations in a few short years and the beautiful moments spent with my brothers in the band,” he continued. “What a privilege it all was, I’m eternally grateful for all of it.”

Pontius notes that in the few years since the band’s last live show, his life “has changed in every way.”

“I’ve had a lot of time to myself to reflect on what truly matters,” the statement continues. “Among those things, I became a father to a now 2 year old daughter who has really changed the way I feel about living my life on tour. I find myself drawn to things closer to home.

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“I’ve seen the world (a couple of times) and I really checked everything off my career bucket list. Now my aspirations are more about hanging out there in nature and watching my child grow up.

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“These last 2 years have been about closing out huge chapters in my life and after a lot of back and forth, I’ve accepted that I’m ready for this one to close as well. I’m saying goodbye and moving on as of today.”

The band’s last release, In the Darkest of Nights, Let the Birds Sing, arrived last year.