Frank Ocean fans can get excited for a new radio show from the acclaimed hip-hop aritst, that has debuted on Apple Music.

Ocean describes his new radio show, titled Homer Radio, as a “one hour window into what plays around [their] office after hours.”

‘Homer’ refers to the jewelry brand that Ocean began in 2021 and it isn’t new music on the new radio show, but the music that plays in the evening hours at their office. Ocean announced the new venture in an email to his fans. 

“Twin towering line array speakers hold court,” continues his description. “Someone’s vacuuming the carpets adding a distant layer of white noise to the sound. Security is pacing off some boredom while pretending to check the rooms and the safes on a rehearsed patrol.”

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“A headset loaded with gadgetry helps a man who dons it to see, with its grids of light and lenses and loupes.”

“Skulls on swivels make no sudden movements; helicoptering over paperwork, pens, blades, vices, precious metals and gemstones. Deluges of artificial light pour from small canisters like those dragons that spring from cylinders, like the never-ending ribbons pulled from a magician’s ear.”

“Media volleys across short distances quickly on the net as Sorkin-like walk and talks travel down the hallways further and further from the sound.”

“This is Homer Radio. An office soundtrack. Can’t you hear our ‘voice’? It’s not a dead line.”

It is unconfirmed as to whether the start of this new show means the end for Ocean’s beloved Blonded Radio, which also streams on Apple Music. 

The show began back in 2017 following the release of his hit album Blonde and currently has 17 episodes. Blonded returned for a pair of episodes on July 10th, 2022. But prior to this there had only been one other episode since 2019. 

Catch Frank Ocean on Apple Music’s Homer Radio on Thursdays, 10pm Eastern Time.

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