Frank Ocean appears to be going through a lengthy streak of creativity, unleashing his second new single in two weeks overnight.

For over three years now, eager Frank Ocean fans have been wondering when we might see a follow-up to Blonde, a record that Pitchfork recently labelled the best of the decade.

While we previously went through a four-year period of almost complete silence before Blonde was released, fans have been rather lucky this time around, with Frank Ocean blessing us with a number of singles over the years.

Following the release of tunes like ‘Biking’, ‘Provider’, and ‘Moon River’, a bunch of unreleased Frank tracks were reportedly offered up for sale earlier this year following a Tumblr hack.

Although fans worried this might affect the release of new tunes, an interview earlier this month indicated that the music legend was hard at work in the studio.

Now, following the announcement of two new songs, the return of blonded RADIO, and the release of his single ‘DHL’, Frank has just blessed us all with his latest tune, ‘In My Room’.

A downtempo track with slick production, the tune sees Frank discussing expensive spending over beats by US DJ Sángo, while an intimate black-and-white photo adorns the single cover art.

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While this is the second single we’ve seen from Frank Ocean in as many weeks, we’re still expecting another few singles to formally drop soon, with the artist putting up vinyl editions of the songs ‘Cayendo’ and ‘Dear April’ (backed with remixes) up for pre-order on his website.

At this stage, it’s unclear whether these new songs will form part of his third studio album, but we can only hope that Frank doesn’t stop the flow of brand new tunes any time soon.

Check out ‘In My Room’ by Frank Ocean: