Fred again.., Four Tet, and Skrillex just can’t keep away from each other – the electronic music trio have now dropped a new single together. 

The proto-supergroup released ‘Baby again..’ today, a track that was first heard during Fred again..’s acclaimed Boiler Room set last year.

A joint release was always going to happen after the trio sensationally headlined Madison Square Garden together last month. They played ‘Baby again..’ as the house lights at the iconic venue finally went off midway through their very lengthy show.

Fred again.. and Four Tet also appeared on Skrillex’s new album, Quest for Fire, which was released to positive reviews last month.

The atmospheric ‘Baby again’ makes good use of a sample of Lil Baby and Da Baby’s 2019 track ‘Baby’, increasing the speed of the original, as well as adding euphoric house notes to the production.

Four minutes, the track really hits its crescendo, ascending to a higher hedonistic level. What else was to be expected from music made by these three together?

Fred again.. sensationally took over Australia earlier this year, causing pandemonium in both Sydney and Melbourne with surprise shows.

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“When I first started releasing music like 3 years ago the country I saw in my DMs i think more than any other was Australia… So yeah I feel hugely indebted to Australia in every aspect of the music. Finally getting the chance to play here has been an absolute dream. And I cannot wait to come back!!” the producer gushed on social media after departing the country.

New York City was the next place to receive a secret set from Fred again.., ably accompanied by Four Tet and Skrillex.

“So this is the backstory to this ridiculousness,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of the trio atop what appeared to be the Empire State Building.

“when i played a rave in NY wit @fourtetkieran a couple months ago in a basement club, Kieran came up stairs at 3am or whenever it was. And goes ‘Ok Fred, this was good, but I’ve got an idea – you me and Sonny should play a rave, we should announce it the same we would a last minute pop up show. We should play back to back for 5 hours….. And it should be at madison square garden’… I said ok.”

Fred again.., Four Tet & Skrillex’s ‘Baby again..’ is out now via Atlantic Records. 

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