Some of Australia’s biggest music artists are coming together for a brand-new live variety show in July and August. Led by Georgia Mooney, the singer-songwriter from Aussie folk group All Our Exes Live in Texas, SUPERGROUP is a loving nod to the classic variety shows of the 60s.

Joining Mooney is a who’s who of national talent: Tim Minchin, Ngaiire, Josh Pike, Mo’Ju, Hannah Joy (Middle Kids), and Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music) are just some of the incredible artists set to perform.

Beginning at Brisbane’s The Triffid on Wednesday, July 27th and Thursday, July 28th, Mooney’s SUPERGROUP will then visit Melbourne and Sydney for two dates in each city (see full dates below). Tickets for the shows are on sale now via

Ahead of the upcoming tour, we got Mooney to reminisce with a look back at 5 of the best moments from SUPERGROUP’s history.

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SUPERGROUP feat. Tim Rogers, Ben Salter, Urthboy & Georgia Mooney

This was such a fun show. One of the questions I asked all the guests was “what was your dream when you were 13?”, to which Ben Salter replied “my dream was that You Am I would play Townsville”. He then went on to tell the story of when he was a teenager and wrote a fan letter to Tim Rogers.

However many years later, now Tim is a fan of Ben’s too and watching Tim sing and play along to one of Ben’s songs felt like we were witnessing 13-year-old Ben’s dream coming true in front of our very eyes.

It was also great fun adding a hip hop artist to the mix! I asked Urthboy to explain how he freestyle raps and he described it to the audience in the most thoughtful, funny, and humble way. To the three of us indie/folk/rock singers it sounded as foreign and magical as witchcraft. Later, for the finale of the show, we all played ‘Waterloo Sunset’ by The Kinks and Urthboy freestyled a verse and we all lost our minds.

SUPERGROUP feat. Murray Cook (The Wiggles), Clare Bowditch, Jack Colwell & Georgia Mooney

At this show we all felt like we were living out our three-year-old dreams. Murray, the original red Wiggle was in the band, so naturally we had to perform a Wiggles song. He sprung into action and taught the entire audience the words and actions to ‘Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?’. I’ve never seen a room of grown adults look so giddy.

The audience participation continued with the sublime Clare Bowditch teaching us all the choral parts to her powerful and poignant song ‘Woman’. Then Jack Colwell brought everyone tears with his heartbreaking song ‘The Sound of Music’. It was the first time I’ve genuinely cried on stage. Our souls were nourished in so many ways that night.

SUPERGROUP feat. Tim Minchin, Montaigne, Adrian Eagle & Georgia Mooney

When one writes a song in one’s bedroom one rarely imagines that one day one will perform that song and have Montaigne and Adrian Eagle sing harmonies and Tim Minchin take a piano solo. But that is what happened on this glorious evening.

It was a real mixture of artists and genres coming together for the seventh SUPERGROUP. Pop, folk, hip hop and comedy, from a group of songwriters at varying stages of their careers. Tim Minchin spoke about writing musicals for Broadway, Adrian Eagle spoke about how music saved his life as a teenager, Montaigne spoke about performing at Eurovision, while I sang about my love for Benedict Cumberbatch. Each to their own I suppose.

SUPERGROUP feat. Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Davey Lane, Olympia & Georgia Mooney

It’s fair to say I felt like the biggest dweeb on stage for this show, as I was joined by three guitar-slinging rock legends. But I reckon Year 8 Georgia would have been pretty chuffed to know she’d one day be belting out the chorus to Grinspoon’s ‘Chemical Heart’ with Phil Jamieson, Olympia and Davey Lane.

Davey told the story of when Phil bounded into his living room to play him that song for the first time. He had a freshly cut demo and the sparkly eyes of a young man with a hit on the horizon. It was also the night that Davey debuted the new song he’d written with the great Todd Rundgren, and Olympia sent shivers down all our spines with her soaring, shimmering vocals. That show had everything, I tell ya what.

SUPERGROUP feat. Lisa Mitchell, Sally Seltmann, Bob Evans & Georgia Mooney

This particular evening featured an indie rock singer with national treasure status and two of the dreamiest pop singers in the country. Each of their voices feels like it is embedded into your musical memory. They are familiar, distinctive and beautiful, and hearing them sing in three part harmony was pure bliss. For the finale that night, we all covered Wings’ ‘Let Em In’ and it was one of my favourite musical moments I’ve been a part of.

Georgia Mooney’s SUPERGROUP

Wednesday, July 27th
The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD

Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music)

Thursday, July 28th
The Triffid, Brisbane, QLD

Jeremy Neale
Hope D
Evil Eddie (Butterfingers)

Thursday, August 4th
Brunswick Ballroom, Melbourne, VIC

Ruby Gill
Bob Evans

Friday, August 5th
Brunswick Ballroom, Melbourne, VIC

Maple Glider
Ryan Downey

Sunday, August 14th
Factory Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Josh Pyke
Martha Marlow

Thursday, August 18th
Factory Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Tim Minchin
Hannah Joy (Middle Kids)
Ziggy Ramo

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