16-year-old artist L.A based artist KALI, full name Kali Flanagan, is one of the northern hemispheres most captivating rising stars.

Her debut EP, Circles, was released on May 7th and has seen her gain fans all over the world and attention within media, radio and streaming services.

Stream the debut EP from Kali, Circles:

At an early age, her parents acknowledged her musical inclinations, putting her in piano lessons at the age of four. Her heart had been set on the guitar, which she now plays as well as bass, keyboard, drums and violin, but agrees that piano lessons were a fit place to start.

Her vocal melodies, both intricate and vast, neatly float above a blend of alt-rock sounds, from shoegaze to psychedelic rock and dream pop. We caught up with Kali to talk about her latest release Circles, and so much more.

How would you describe your music to your grandma? 

Thick and layered like a chocolate ganache cake.

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Tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about? 

‘again’: accepting what has happened and that change is inevitable

‘too tired’: social exhaustion

‘i just wanna’: repeated feelings of catharsis

Check out Kali’s clip for ‘I Just Wanna’:

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What do you love about your hometown? 

I can walk to my friends’ houses and play chess, very good trees.

Favourite place in the world?

Anywhere that I can be present with people that interest me.

Fave non-music hobby?


What’s on your dream rider? 

Balloon animals.

Never hear music again? Or every second song you hear is who let the dogs out?

‘Who Let The Dogs Out’.

Dream music collaboration?

Nick Hakim

Perfect song for:

Relaxing – to binge – Gorillaz ft Little Dragon

Rainy days – claws (cover) – Hovvdy

Pumping Up – Kim – Yung Baby Tate + Tkay Maidza.

A boogie – sexy dancer – prince

What is next for Kali?

I have two more videos coming out for ‘Someone to Hold’ and ‘Again’. Currently working to finish high school in the fall and getting my band whipped up in shape to play live.