GIMMY is a tease, pass it on. 

The Northern Rivers artist has released a sweaty ode to the Australian summer – it’s literally called “SWEAT (An Australian Summer)” – just as wintry weather is beginning to seep into most parts of the country. Talk about inopportune timing.

GIMMY is entirely forgiven, though, because the sunny psychedelia of her new seasonal anthem is so winsome.  She doesn’t say much – she bellows the word “sweat” a lot, presumably suffering from heat exhaustion – over the uptempo groove, which allows a whole mess of instruments to carry the song cheerily forth, including drums, bass and bongos.

There’s a delirious magnetism to “SWEAT”, which makes sense when you find out that it was literally born out of a heatwave. The song’s music video is also the ideal accompaniment, comically playing into Aussie summertime stereotypes: lots of surfing, hanging out, cheeky cigarettes, relentless exercise and, yes, lots of perspiration.

Formerly going by the name Gimmy Flowens, the musician sounds replenished under her new moniker. And she’d do well to re-release her new single when the summer rolls around again: “SWEAT” has wry anthem written all over it.

Recalling Bananagun, Cate Le Bon, or Jehnny Beth if she was battling blistering heat, GIMMY is currently preparing to release her debut album this year (will she decide to drop a cosy winter song in November?). It will likely be released by Third Eye Stimuli Records, and the NSW label really haven’t been missing lately (see our previous interview with Laure Briard).

To celebrate the release of her new single, Tone Deaf caught up with GIMMY as part of our Get to Know series to find out more about her life and music.

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GIMMY’s “SWEAT (An Australian Summer)” is out now. 

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How did your artist name come about?

My birth name is Gemma Owens and in my early 20s my nickname followed with ‘Gimmy Flowens’. It was always appealing for me to use a different name than my birth name, and GIMMY just stuck.

How would you describe your music to your grandma?

Cup of tea with Granny I’d say, “its not dirty rock and roll, but kinda bedazzled rock and roll with a teaspoon of folk. 3 sugars and a dash of milk thanks.”

Tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about?

I’ve listed a few newer tracks that are coming out on my debut album within the year. All my songs are pretty different in their personalities.

“Fall on Me” – A song about friendship and togetherness. To encourage vulnerability in friendships to hold one another, the message being that we aren’t isolated creatures, we are beings of community and everyone needs to be held in love.

“Brumby” – A love song about me and my girlfriend falling in love. This name was inspired from some of our earliest intimate moments in the back of a Brumby, we fell in love real quick. The songs describes my feelings, thought and things we experienced together in that wonderful time. I wrote this song when I was on tour in
New Zealand after this intense week of falling in love.

“My Body’s My Body” – A sensitive song to me and I’m sure a lot of people. The song comes from a place of personal power and boundaries in not wanting to be sexualised as a woman. I have men in a very dear place of my heart, but I suppose out of love, this song represents speaking up that it’s old news to gawk at tits for too long and respecting each others individual boundaries is important. The old days of getting away with a raunchy ass grab isn’t fly anymore.

What do you love about your hometown?

My current hometown, Mullumbimby, has the most special place in my heart. The whole town has a feeling of free expression, love and strong community – some of the most important things to me. There’s always scallywags on the street playing music, art painted around the town in-between vintage shops and green fields.

Career highlight so far?

I think it’s all a highlight to be honest, playing all these different places and venues and meeting lots of lovely other artists alongside my band is the highlight. The whole journey is the highlight. My favourite element is playing alongside and hanging out with the band, they’re awesome.

Fave non-music hobby? 

Definitely tie breaker between painting, surfing and op shopping.

What’s on your dream rider?

The finest of champagne and aged scotch whiskey alongside a bowl of crispy prawns.

Dream music collaboration?

Morrissey & Los Bitchos.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I have strong ambitions to live abundantly off my music and art. So if the gods are in my favour, I suppose when I’m not touring I’ll be probably raising babies and working on my paintings and lapping up home time to write new music and spend time with loved ones and nature.

What’s your go-to karaoke song? 

“I Touch Myself by Divinyls. That track is actually currently in our set as a cover, we thought why not bring the beauty of karaoke to the stage.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

With life and art, don’t look back, through mistakes and changes, keep moving and keep looking forward.

What’s one obsession you have that no one would guess after listening to your music?

Obsess is a strong word but it would have to be pasta.

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