Two-piece scuzzy pop band The Gooch Palms are proud Novacastrians – they feature the city a lot in their homespun video clips, and even called their (excellent) debut album Novos.

Now they have taken the next logical step and covered Silverchair’s ‘Tomorrow’ – the dark little song that made young musos around the Newcastle region believe that anything was possible, as long as you had a few friends, some instruments, and a garage.

As they explain, “We were mucking around in rehearsal one day in LA and Leroy just started playing the beginning of ‘Tomorrow’ out of the blue. We were coming back to Australia for our album tour so we thought it could be cool to pay a ‘Goochies style’ homage to the band that inspired both of us growing up as a couple of ratbags in Newcastle.

“We were both big fans of Silverchair and it was so crazy seeing three kids from our hometown get so big all over the world and definitely lit a fire inside both of us
to give music a crack! So we played it live on that last Aussie tour and it went off
so after we got back from Europe we decided to pop into the studio and record it.”

Check it out for below, or download it for free via the group’s Bandcamp.