Good Doogs have been out of action since accusations of sexual abuse, racism and misogyny were made against them in August 2019.

The band members broke their silence in late January to state that “no investigation was ever opened by police into any member of Good Doogs.” However, the original accuser was not ready to back down.

Facebook user Sadlin Mims immediately responded, saying the band’s conscience-clearing post was “full of lies.” Mims – who also claims to be in the final stages of pregnancy with guitarist Andy Darbourne’s child – said it’s “no surprise [Good Doogs] have done everything in their power to silence victims.”

The band’s post claimed their accuser was “being investigated for criminal defamation, stalking and using a carriage service to menace, harass and cause offence by ACT Police.” However, Sadlin Mims countered this by saying she’d “been stalked and harassed by their friends and family members.”

Hey everyone, As the Australian bushfire crisis unfolded we felt compelled to use our band and our music to help with…

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What were the original accusations?

The August 2019 accusations were made against both singer Asher Iriks and drummer/manager Michael Grainger, and included sexual abuse, racism and misogyny, as well as sex with minors.

The band cancelled their Andy’s in the Bandy national tour in the aftermath, and were removed from festivals such as Yours & Owls and Falls. Grainger left the band and Good Doogs retreated from public view.

What’s changed?

In an incredibly lengthy Facebook post from February 16, Sadlin Mims has revoked the accusations against Iriks. “I am now aware that the information about Asher threatening a girl to drink drive home if she didn’t sleep with him in addition to the information pertaining to him and another band member trading sex with underage girls for entry into a Doogs show, was categorically false,” she wrote.

I wanted to get this all out before little babe is born and also tonight because I’ve been sitting on it for a week now…

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She pins everything on Grainger, including the circulation of mistruths. “The band members and people who worked with him were most likely victims of his manipulation and control just as I was throughout my friendship with him,” she wrote.

What now?

Sadlin Mims has promised this’ll be her last public statement about the whole ordeal. “Please don’t message me about it or any of them either,” she wrote. “This is the end of the speculations and the beginning of truth and a fresh start where victims and survivors are the absolute priority.

Mims’ post also indicates the Good Doogs members will now move onto new projects. “I believe that the remaining members of Doogs who are moving on to other music ventures have and will continue to hold themselves accountable for their part in this, just as I have done,” she wrote.

And Good Doogs have officially announced their break-up. They’ll play one last gig in Perth on February 22. All proceeds are going to the Sirens of Silence charity, who’ve been providing mental health care to emergency services personnel in the wake of the bushfires.

Good Doogs call it a day