Content Warning: This article mentions sexual abuse and racism

Members of WA pop punk band Good Doogs were accused of sexual abuse, racism and misogyny in August 2019. After five months silence, they’ve posted a rebuttal on social media.

The accusations against singer Asher Iriks and drummer Michael Grainger led to the cancellation of Good Doogs’ Andy’s in the Bandy national tour and their removal from festivals such as Yours and Owls, Stonefest, Festival of the Sun, Falls. Grainger left the band and Good Doogs essentially went into shutdown.

The band’s new post – made on the evening of January 28 – begins by expressing their desire to assist with bushfire recovery efforts. The elephant in the room must first be addressed, however. The band claims to have asked police to examine the allegations against them, but “no investigation was ever opened by police into any member of Good Doogs.”

As a result, the allegations made against band members are now “being investigated for criminal defamation, stalking and using a carriage service to menace, harass and cause offence by ACT Police,” says the joint statement.

A reported ten people are claiming to be victims of the person’s behaviour. “Police are in the process of subpoenaing the individual’s social media accounts after it had been alleged they were used to create fake accounts to pose as victims against our band.”

While Good Doogs’ statement makes an outright claim of innocence and a complete repudiation of the allegations, they also asks readers to “respect the individual in question if you know who it is.”

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“If we have learnt anything through this ordeal, cyber bullying and mob stalking really doesn’t help anyone. You don’t know the story, so don’t comment on it.”

Hey everyone, As the Australian bushfire crisis unfolded we felt compelled to use our band and our music to help with…

Posted by Good Doogs onTuesday, 28 January 2020

The accusations against the band came from someone who claimed to be pregnant with guitarist Andy Darbourne’s child. This person has already jumped back online and posted a rejoinder to the band’s new statement.

In a Facebook post that emerged just one hour after the band’s, she claims their statement “is full of lies and it is no surprise that they have done everything in their power to silence victims. This is beyond just me.

“The last few months have been horrific. I’ve been stalked and harassed by their friends and family members. All whilst going through a pregnancy of one of their children on my own.”

I just got off the phone with the detective in charge of the issue with Good Doogs. I can’t say anything right now nor…

Posted by Sadlin Mims onTuesday, 28 January 2020

A few hours later, a separate post from the same page had a more sarcastic tone: “The fires are really sad anyway we didn’t hurt anyone and this chick is crazy and everyone should come to our comeback show but you’re only allowed backstage after the show if you’re over the age of 12.”

If you, or someone you know, is at risk of sexual assault or domestic violence, find your local support services here.