Well, this is equal parts cool and impressive, and sure to kill an evening for any die-hard Green Day fan – a Where’s Wally?-esque photo has emerged, and it’s waiting for Green Day fans to find all the references.

The very, very detailed image you see below is pretty much the Green Day version of Where’s Wally, with all of its little characters and secrets to find, except that you’re not looking for the stripy bloke and his dog, or his nemesis, Odlaw.

Instead, you’re trying to pick out a whopping 151 references to the band and their music, from the more obvious ones that pretty much spell it out for you, to some that are far more obscure and will only be spotted by the most dedicated – and eagle-eyed – fans.

You might need to check out the full-size version if you hope to spot them all, and if you’ve strained your eyes well into the night and still can’t find those last few, jump over to the post on Reddit and use everyone else’s answers as a cheat sheet.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on some tunes by the puck rock collective, and get to searching!

Check out this Green Day version of Where’s Wally?:

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