We’ve all done wild things in the name of love (personally, I once gave a girlfriend of mine a rather large amount of carefully-constructed mixtapes before being told I was probably overthinking the relationship), but nothing compares to what Grimes has recently announced, with the Canadian musician revealing she’s legally changing her name on the advice of her partner Elon Musk.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Canadian electro-pop musician Grimes (known to her parents as Claire Boucher) is currently dating noted science enthusiast and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Now, the musician is apparently planning to change her name thanks to the advice of Ol’ Musky.

Taking to Twitter recently, Grimes revealed that she’s set to change her legal name to the simple c, inspired by the scientific symbol for the speed of light (and yes, that’s a lowercase and italic c, by the way).

Of course, some folks were a little curious about Grimes’ decision, asking her whether or not it was the influence of Elon Musk that led her to make this choice. “Well he’s the one who pointed out that my working nickname (c) actually rox and i don’t need to look further,” she explained on Twitter. “Been trying 2 change name 4ever but couldn’t find a gud 1, but my friends call me c.”

Likwise, Grimes also noted that this decision was partially inspired by her inability to say the name ‘Claire’ properly due to her lisp, and that this only refers to her legal name, and not her stage name, which will remain the same as it ever was.


In other news, it’s currently been three years since Grimes released her last album, Art Angels. The interim has seen the musician enter a rather protracted battle with her label which has resulted in her new album’s release being pushed back repeatedly.

Thankfully though, it appears that Grimes is getting pretty close to solving these issues, with a recent announcement that two new albums are on the horizon. Release dates are yet to be announced, but we’re looking forward to hearing new tunes from the newly-named musician.

Check out Grimes’ ‘Flesh Without Blood’:

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