Pop Singer Grimes has taken the phrase ‘independent woman’ to a whole new level after it was reported she received a $90,000 grant from the Canadian government, despite the fact that her baby daddy, Elon Musk, is the richest person in the world.

The grant that Grimes received was awarded from Factor, a Canadian arts subsidy program that’s partially funded by the federal government and given for an album of hers. Though the grant was given in November 2020, it’s recently come to light after Twitter users have been tweeting their distaste on the matter.

Some have been questioning the validity of why Grimes received a grant, after all she’s reportably worth over three million dollars, is dating Elon Musk, who’s estimated worth is $199.9 billion and, of course, has had an extremely successful musical career.

To date Grimes had a number one on a Billboard chart, has a single on the box office film, Suicide Squad and has toured with Lana Del Rey.

However, it should be noted that it wasn’t actually Grimes herself who applied for the grant in question, it was her label Crystal Math Music Inc. and the grant application did meet all of the criteria.

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Karina Moldovan, who is a communications manage for FACTOR confirmed this, saying its’ Comprehensive Music Company program requires, a “full-length sound recording program accessible to eligible record labels.”

In a more recent development, to throw a bit more fuel on the fire, Paul Chin, a DJ from Canada, has implied today on Twitter that there may be ulterior motives as to why Grime’s received the grant.

“Also, for added context: the grant she got is also partially funded by private broadcasters who want to create a pipeline for radio-ready music (already a problematic concept), which is extra funny since we have no electronic stations here. Whole thing is a mess,” he tweeted and yep, things are getting messy. 

While in this day and age, a woman’s worth should never be relegated to who she is dating, nor what they can do for her *cough* Elon Musk *cough*, many Twitter users believe that the ninety thousand dollars could have been delegated to a struggling artist who really needed it.

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