Many bands go through a few different names before finding the one that suits them best. Can you guess the original names of some of these famous bands?

The right name for a band can exhibit so much – sometimes you can visualise how they look and even how they’ll sound and perform. Furthermore, some names become so iconic that you can’t think of them even being called something else.

As history cites The Beatles and The Beach Boys as being some of the most influential and famed bands of all time, are you aware that neither of them started out with the names that made them as iconic as they are?

The Beatles original name actually stems from the school John Lennon and Paul McCartney attended together, and The Beach Boys changed theirs in 1961 after wanting to feel more surf-like. Unless you fancy yourself to be an absolute buff on many bands, this quiz is harder than you think.

While the origin Pearl Jam’s original name is known as being one of frontman Eddie Vedder’s favourite basketball players, the origins of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s insanely long original name are a mystery.

Although some changes seemed to manifest out of wanting to create more of a brand for themselves, others appeared out of frustration, and breakups.

After one of The Who’s singles failed, they were quick to change to the name we know them as today. For Queen, it took a break up of the band for them to begin.

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Whatever the circumstances were surrounding the names of the different celebrated bands, it is a bit strange to imagine them called anything else than the household names that we’ve come to know. It’s also a curiosity to wonder if any of these bands would have become as iconic as they are now if they stuck with their original names.

Can you guess their original names?