As you do.

At this point, when looking at the career of a band as iconic as The Beatles, you’d think that everything there is to know about the group has been uncovered or learned.

Apparently not. In Wales, old film footage featuring The Fab Four has been discovered in an old bread bin during a house clear out. A bread bin.

NME reported that the footage (valued at roughly £10,000), features The Beatles discussing their relationship with the Maharishi, joking around before an interview and perhaps most notably, a not before seen recording of John Lennon playing an acoustic version of a solo track of his, ‘God’.

According to Omega Auctions’ Paul Fairweather, the footage was in prime condition.

“All four Beatles are in fine form throughout both of the Cardiff films, laughing and joking, while the interviewer tries to remain serious. The sound and image quality is fantastic. I expect these have never been seen since 1965.”

The Beatles have been back in the spotlight in recent weeks, with Abbey Road celebrating its 50th anniversary. The album has since returned to the #1 spot on the UK charts.

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