Every day we’re faced with an onslaught of album announcements so we thought we’d start sharing the soon-to-be-released love by putting together a list of the most notable and exciting album announcements on a weekly basis.

Delorean Highway

Release Date: 30th May
Label: Spinning Top Records
Why You Should Care: Because it’s the debut solo album of Tame Impala/Pond member Jay Watson. We’ve already had a yummy first chew of Watson’s solo project in the form of the title track ‘Delorean Highway‘ and ‘Growin’ Up‘, and if they’re anything to go by, the other eight “paranoid pop songs” (in Watson’s words) are sure to satisfy fans of either of the muso’s bands. Following the model of the newly launched Spinning Top Records, a free download is being offered as a teaser for the new record, in the shape of ‘Misunderstanding’, a cover of the 1980s Genesis hit. “Maybe it was just the fact that I always cry on airplanes, but something made that song seem super-heartfelt to me,” says Watson. Listen/download/lose your shit here.

01. Delorean Highway
02. Growin’ Up
03. The Sky Opened Up
04. Misunderstanding
05. Summer Rain
06. 21st Century Radiation
07. Pink Skies
08. Living And Dying
09. Day Of The Triffids
10. Can’t See Past My Eyes


Release Date: 18th July
Label: Lost And Lonesome Recording Co
Why You Should Care: These Melbourne shoegaze masters have been patiently waiting to make their next move for what feels like an eternity. On a never-ending search for the perfect mix of spine tingling melody and way out guitar, their sound has evolved from ambient and smoothly textured to a complexly layered configuration pieced together by Melbourne-based UK producer Gareth Parton (Big Scary, The Go-Team). A straight-to-the-heart memento, the album’s first single ‘Blue Movie’ continues the dream pop affair, raising heart rates the country over.

1. Whale
2. Held
3. Autumn
4. Blue Movie
5. Wedding Ring
6. Yesterday
7. Missing History
8. Maxillae Leaving, Seaward
9. Still Time


Release Date: 20th June
Label: POD / Inertia
Why You Should Care: We’ve had our ear on these Wisconsin kids for some time. Specialising in a heady mix of polyrhythmic art-rock and sugary, soulful indie pop; PHOX have announced their debut album. Recorded at April Base Studios with Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, The Fray) it’s an eclectic array of simple folk-pop songs swimming amidst a stylish mixture of rock, psychedelia, and soul. With soothing piano and gentle banjo, PHOX is ready to make friends, blushing at the intimacy and finesse of the delightful vocals and lyrics of frontwoman Monica Martin. Lead single ‘Slow Motion’ is available now with an accompanying cheeky video.

1. Calico Man
2. Leisure
3. Slow Motion
4. 1936
5. Evil
6. Kingfisher
7. Laura
8. Shrinking Violets
9. Satyr And The Faun
10. In Due Time
11. Noble Heart
12. Raspberry Seed
13. Slow Motion

Beaty Heart
Mixed Blessings

Release Date: 30th May
Label: Caroline
Why You Should Care: Combining minimalistic-layered swells that pulsate and captivate with organic sonic sounds, the South-London psych-pop trio’s LP arrives on Australian shores like old friends. Spilling their overflowing personality and tongue-in cheek attitude into the 13 tracks that form their debut, it entails the transition into adulthood and exploring the feeling of trying to hold onto your youth. Built on experiences of escapism from the concrete jungle, it’s all the elements of life associated with carelessness and being free. Have a listen to the tropical getaway of lead single ‘Banana Bread’ and get some respite from the winter that is now setting in.

1. Banana Bread
2. Kanute’s Comin’ Round
3. Seafood
4. Opal Shred
5. Kinder
6. Get The Gurls
7. Yadwigha’s Theme
8. Muti
9. Lekka Freakout
10. Opal Loop
11. Greeting To Eblis
12. Happiness
13. Lucky Set

The Felice Brothers
Favourite Waitress

Release Date: 13th June
Label: Spunk Records
Why You Should Care: Have you been looking for an escape? Finding modern life and all of its realities too much? Well, the fifth studio album from the NY folk rockers will whisk you away to Neverland (not the MJ one!) so that you can forget about everything and never grow up. First single ‘Cherry Licorice’ depicts this perfectly, getting lost in fizzy-drink rivers and candy comas. Ironically though, the record will be the first time the group have actually used a ‘proper’ studio, collaborating with long time friend Jeremy Backofen, and it’s this contrast that works so well.

1. Bird On Broken Wing
2. Cherry Licorice
3. Meadow Of A Dream
4. Lion
5. Saturday Night
6. Constituents
7. Hawthorne
8. Katie Cruel
9. No Trouble
10. Alien
11. Chinatown
12. Woman Next Door
13. Silver In The Shadow

Ex Nihilo

Release Date: 4th July
Label: Yes Please Records
Why You Should Care: Produced in his garage with a laptop and good friend Marcus Whale (of Collarbones), the Sydney based producer is set to drop his debut record. Cop the hazy atmospherics of first cut ‘Deatheat’ and its distilled electronica as Mr. L. Lee moves from ambient emotional music towards the dance scene. Removing layers of himself and immersing in sonic landscapes making to make music of more rhythmic value rather than melodic. Guerre calls it “some kid’s fucked up way of making emotional rhythm based music.”

1. Primea
2. Premier
3. Deatheat
4. Silo
5. Tuk
6. Ribs Aut
7. Mukatse (Tunning)
8. Kone / Bong
9. Adophilia
10. Croon

Nightmares On Wax
N.O.W Is The Time

Release Date: 13th June
Label: Warp Records / Inertia
Why You Should Care: There are few who have been in the game for 25 years and still remain topical. George ‘E.A.S.E’ Evelyn AKA Nightmares On Wax however, continues to constantly evolve and continue his mantra of creating an immersive experience transporting listeners to the joyful world of sound systems, all-day parties and endless fun. It’s a celebration and  look in the rear view over two and half decades of releasing records appeasing to a whole new generation of clubbers. Inspired by the old and bringing it to the new is a never-ending cycle and Evelyn’s prime motivation for the latest release.

01 – You Wish (3:29)
02 – Mind Eye (7:05)
03 – Argha Noah (7:54)
04 – Calling (7:55)
05 – Dreddoverboard (5:48)
06 – Thinking of Omara (5:32)
07 – Be There (5:02)
08 – Les Nuits (6:19)
09 – Morse (6:20)
10 – I Am You (Live in Chicago) (4:09)
11 – Passion (3:25)
12 – Give Thx (3:33)
13 – 195 Lbs (5:35)
14 – 70s 80s (5:30)
15 – Flip Ya Lid (5:24)
16 – Be, I Do (4:47)
17 – (Man) Tha Journey (6:20)
18 – Now Is The Time (3:59)
19 – Bless My Soul (5:56)
20 – Da Feelin (4:41)
21 – African Pirates (6:23)
22 – Mega Donutz (5:12)
23 – Mission Venice (2:50)
24 – Dextrous (4:03)
25 – Aftermath (3:20)
26 – I’m For Real (5:20)
27 – Set Me Free (Piano Dub) (5:03)
28 – Nights Interlude (3:25)
29 – Dextrous (JD Twitch Optimo Remix) (6:01)
30 – Biofeedback (Morgan Geist Remix) (6:20)
31 – A Case of Funk (Loco Dice Remix) (7:11)
32 – Aftermath (LFO Remix) (4:37)
33 – Aftermath (Special Request Redux) (7:53)
34 – Aftermath (Acid Mondays) (7:41)
35 – Burn me Slo ft. OC (4:47)
36 – Keep On (86 In It Mix) ft. De La Soul (5:29)
37 – Gambia via Vagator Beach (Mr Scruff Remix) (5:04)
38 – Survival Dub (4:35)
39 – Hiyaself (4:32)
40 – Da Mess Sticks (4:43)
41 – Da Feelin (Hungry Ghost Remix) (4:33)
42 – Now Is The Time (Ashley Beedle Warbox Dubplate Special) (5:38)

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