In case you hadn’t realised, October 1st is International Coffee Day; you were probably too busy drinking your fifth cup of java of the day to notice. 

Started in 2015, International Coffee Day is a day to promote and celebrate the cocoa bean beverage. From Starbucks to those cute espresso machines to the humble Macca’s cup, we usually can’t get enough coffee in our lives.

Musicians are no different and some rather famous artists love coffee so much they’ve actually started businesses based around it. Take a look below at some familiar faces who you probably didn’t know had their own coffee brands. Happy International Coffee Day!

Iggy Pop

The punk legend always seems wired onstage so I’m guessing he drinks a lot of caffeine. In 2019, Iggy collaborated with Stumptown to concoct a signature blend. It was even packaged in a black bag designed by the singer himself.

Maynard James Keenan

In between Tool albums, the band’s lead vocalist got into the coffee roasting game. In a tweet from 2020, he confirmed that he was working on his own brew. It’s supposedly due in 2022 so there’s not long to wait to taste it.

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Green Day

Wake Me Up When September Blends, huh? The pop punk icons unveiled their own brand of java, Father of All…Coffee, in 2019 to promote their new album. They politely called it ‘the Father of All Motherfuckin’ Roasts’.

James Hetfield

In 2020, the Metallica man started peddling handmade coffee tables and a table book to go with it. It was his little passion project during lockdown last year and seemed to bring him a lot of joy. He even raffled them off for charity.


“I think fans are gonna enjoy Korn Koffee because it has a kick.” Ok Korn, but like so does all coffee. That’s the whole point. Mornings got a blast of nu metal when Korn brought out their own brand of the beverage in 2018. They worked with J. Gursey to create a sweet blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Peruvian beans. It was all fair-trade certified as well, giving nu metal a good name.