Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch has given insight into Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu’s indefinite hiatus from the band, following the news the bassist was taking a break to deal with “bad habits”.

Speaking to Tommy Carroll from 97.9 GRD, Welch spoke candidly about Fieldy’s departure and what it means for Korn.

Welch said of his bandmate: “Fieldy is good, man. He’s at home, and he’s with his kids.

“I wanna say that Fieldy’s a good dad. He’s a good dude, and he has his life structured. The bad habits he talked about in the press — everyone has their issues in life. But those he’ll work on in his own way. But that dude is — I look up to him as a dad, actually.

Welch continued: “He’s had five kids. He always says, ‘I’ve got two thousand kids,’ ’cause it feels like it some days. But he’s a good dad. He’s gone through a lot, man, personally, and he just needs some time off to reflect on himself and his family. That’s it.”

Welch went on to say that there’s no bad blood between Fieldy and other Korn members and that they’re looking forward to his return when ready.

“Dude, no judgment at all to anyone,” Welch said.

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“I was the worst with addiction. So, it’s nothing like that. It’s all good vibes. There are no negative vibes as far as no hard feelings on either side. So it’s all good, man.

“I think [Fieldy] and Jonathan [Davis, vocals] and Munky [James Shaffer, guitar] have gone 26 years with hardly any breaks, man — with a record cycle and a tour.

“I got eight years off, so I’m rested. And I come back. I’m hopefully looking at Fieldy like he’s just gonna take a break, man, and get recharged. So we’ll see.”

Fieldy announced the news on June 22 in a candid Facebook post where he opened up about struggling with personal issues over the past few years.

“The past six years, I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that at times have caused me to fall back on some of my bad habits and has caused some tension with the people around me,” he wrote in the post.

“It’s been suggested to me to take some time off to heal. I’m going to respect what was asked of me and take that time.”

He continued: “Unfortunately you will not see me on stage with my band. I will be working towards getting the bad habits out of my system. In the meantime, I will be staying creative to keep my mind and soul in a good place.

“I’m thankful for all of your support, patience, and understanding as we all have something that we deal with. Jonathan, Munky, Ray, and Head, I love you and I don’t want to bring any tension or bad vibes to the circle.”

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