Tone Deaf has asked some of the legends hitting the stage at Heaps Good Festival to give us their favourite books, albums, podcasts and more so that we could bring you this exclusive Heaps Good Culture Guide, which might give you some ideas for summer reads and playlist additions.

From Heath Ledger to Taylor Swift, Abbie Chatfield to Tyler, the Creator, The Sound of Music and The Sandlot – this is one eclectic group of faves from some of your fave festival faces.

You can catch all of these artists live on stage, alongside Flume and more, at Heaps Good Festival in Melbourne on New Year’s Eve, or Adelaide on Saturday, 6th January. Check the Heaps Good website for info.


Book: My Private Property by Mary Ruefle.
Mary is my favourite writer,she writes simply but with a singular voice that observes life from unexplored angles. Her poetry takes you on moving sometimes surreal journeys through time and memory. I’ve taken lots of inspiration from her, and poetry in general over the years. (Yannis)

Album: Point of Entry by Jonny Nash.
I love this record. Lush Balearic guitar playing equal parts melancholic and blissed out soundscapes. Jonny Nash is also a member of Gaussian Curve with Gigi Masin and Young Marco, who have made some of my favourite music of the last decade. (Jack)

Film/TV Show: John Lurie’s Painting with John (HBO). See also: Fishing with John (YouTube).
Two TV shows you’ve probably never seen the likes of before or since. Both by John Lurie (Lounge Lizards, Stranger than Paradise e.t.c).I often turn to John Lurie’s world when I’m feeling creatively adrift and find his TV shows extremely therapeutic, a nice break from today’s breakneck hell ride. (Jimmy)

Podcast: Things Fell Apart by Jon Ronson.
Detailed individual stories dug up and retold by Jon Ronson; political machinations / ‘culture wars’ / social media nightmares and public paranoia all highlighted by small personal moments of recent history.Dark, often unbelievable and very moving. Lovely stuff. (Walter)

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Book: Shuna’s Journey by Hiyao Miyazaki.
Illustrated story book I recently came across – with a never released Studio Ghibli story. Ghibli an ongoing source of inspiration especially the ’80s made animations.

Album: QWERTY by Saya Gray.
Amazing artist who featured briefly on my album (Saya Interlude) but one of my fave records this year.

Film/TV Show: The Talented Mr Ripley. 
Not something new but one of my favourite movies. Italy Naples. Music, murder . The original French film version Plein Soleil is also a must watch!
Also: Pearl (2022).
Film starring Mia Goth – amazing colours – cinematography.

Art: MOMA New York – Exhibition / Book on Architecture and Rise of Environmentalism.
Recently visited whilst on tour – covers some of my favourite space age architecture – building liveable worlds in space.
Also: Asteroid City – 180 Strand London.
An exhibition of the props from the film. I wasn’t really into the film – but loved the props – would love to do more with stage design and its interaction with album themes and songs in future / but it’s expensive!


Book: The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides.
I read it on the beach when I was on holiday in the summer. It was such a good page turner thriller, highly recommend!

Album: Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder & Fearless by Taylor Swift.
It was hard to choose just one! Both of these albums are iconic and so nostalgic to me, they’re the first albums I fell in love with and constantly had on repeat.

Film/TV Show: The Sound of Music.
It’s been my favourite film since I was a kid and is such a classic! I love the scene where she makes all of the kids outfits out of the curtains, I’ve done this a couple of times since watching the film!

Podcast: The Girls Bathroom.
I love the premise behind the show and it’s a great switch your brain off podcast full of girly chat.


Book: Hard to pick a favourite here – I’ve been reading Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil.
Highlighting parts of the world we don’t think too much about, or really understand. Also reminds one of the ways in which they are privileged.

Album: Stick Season (We’ll Always Be Here Forever) by Noah Kahan.
Impossible to pick a favourite album, so this is my favourite of the week. it makes me want to run away and live in a hut. The lyrics hug me and hurt me at the same time – also talk about a build! A perfect collection of songs that wrap up a period of time so nicely.

Film/TV Show: 10 Things I Hate About You. 
My ultimate comfort movie. A no-pressure watch. The dialogue is great, it’s based off Shakespeare, Heath Ledger is in it – I also think the soundtrack is aces, whoever put that together deserves a raise.

Podcast: Overdue.
I love a debate on books. It’s funny having someone explain a book you’ve never read, formulating an opinion on their opinion and then reading the book to form an opinion yourself.


Album: The Love Below by Outkast.
I think it would have to be The Love Below by Outkast. I don’t think itgets much better than that. It honestly makes me speechless, it’s the best.

Film/TV Show: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent.
I’ve gotten a lot of slander about this before with my friends because I’m not educated in movies. My fave movie used to be Dumb and Dumber or Wayne’s World but recently my roommate showed me The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and I think it is perfect.

Podcast: Abbie Chatfield’s It’s A Lot.
It narrates every walk I’m on. Whenever I’m in a new city or overseas on my own it always makes me feel as if I’m giggling with my friends at home.


Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
It changed my life, it was handed to me to read from a dear friend of mine. Book is about a lawyer who had everything & sold it all to find peace & heart purpose. As an artist, I can get lost in my head with all the thoughts/voices flying in and out of my mind, this book taught me to allow those things to come and go productively. I recommend.

Album: Blonde by Frank Ocean.
There is nothing quite like listening to Blonde. The taste it takes to even make an album like this is so rare. All of the layers throughout, from organs to guitars to drums, are so perfectly reflecting Frank’s words. My listening experience of Blonde feels like a beautiful conversation with a stranger. Frank Ocean is a genius.

Film/TV Show: The Sandlot.
It is a beautiful take on the 1960s Summer American Childhood, a classic story about a new kid in town trying to make some new friends & bonding over baseball. The Sandlot is a huge inspiration or me. I always try to capture what I love about The Sandlot in what I do.

Podcast: I can’t lie, I barely listen to podcasts, but I really enjoyed Tyler, the Creator’s All Star Series w/Converse on YouTube.
I think there were some beautiful conversations to listen to. Listening to Tyler is so educational for me as a youngin’ coming up, he offers such a great insight to his thought process, so articulate about the what’s and the why’s.

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