Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins appears to be Los Angeles’ new tourism ambassador, appearing in a video promoting the city’s LAX airport.

If you’re a fan of punk icon Henry Rollins, then you’d be aware he’s something of a seasoned traveller. Why, from his days spent in a van with Black Flag to his recent visit to Australia last year for Iggy Pop’s tour of the country, you never quite know where he’ll pop up.

Now, it seems as though the city of Los Angeles has recruited the music legend for a new tourism campaign, featuring him in a new five-part video series which sees him offering up tips for travellers.

In these videos, Rollins can be seen sharing “Rollins’ Rules” for those visiting the monstrous airport hub that is LAX.

“I consider myself a citizen of the world. I am out in it often,” he begins. “While I am gone over 162 days a year traveling and touring, my home base is LA. I spend an inordinate amount of my time at LAX.

“Here’s a few tips to help you power through and enjoy the ride, even before you board the plane. Let’s hit it!”

As it continues, Rollins offers up a number of helpful tips, including his recommendations that folks should arrive early, pack light, and have their IDs at the ready. Of course, while the performance is heavily scripted, one can’t help but to see Rollins’ own frustrations as a frequent flyer shining through as he appears to crack a wry smile from time to time.

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Recommendations for the airport food, business class, and therapy dogs also appear, while an impassioned plea to treat immigration officials with respect (“their job is to keep America safe”) sees Rollins on his best behaviour.

Wrapping up the video with microphone in hand, lead wrapped around his fist, Henry Rollins channels his inner Lara Bingle as he notes that he wants to “remind everyone that LA is a village, a community at heart despite the sprawl.”

While it’s undoubtedly an interesting and informative watch, we can’t help but wonder whose idea it was to recruit Henry Rollins for the starring role. Whoever it was, they deserve a raise.

Check out Henry Rollins in the new tourism video:

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