Hilltop Hoods have unveiled another taste of their forthcoming album, Drinking From The Sun, Walking Under Stars Restrung. A collaboration with Montaigne and Thom Thum, the video for ‘1955’ features a cameo appearance from Aussie rapper Briggs.

“1955’s about living in a small town, a place where things don’t change too much. I called it 1955 because sometimes living in a small town is like living in a different era,” MC Suffa recently told triple j.

“I actually love small town life, obviously it has its drawbacks, but I really enjoy the simplicity and being part of a community.” Suffa also told the national youth broadcaster about recording with Unearthed artist Montaigne and beatboxer Tom Thum.

“I loved working with Montaigne and Tom. Montaigne has such an amazing natural gift and a great energy. When you watch her record you can tell that she’s going to have such a big life,” said the rapper.

“Obviously Tom is incredibly gifted too. He can rhyme, produce, beatbox, b-boy, paint… To tell the truth, he’s so talented that sometimes it’s actually kind of frustrating being friends with him.”

Readers can check out the clip for ‘1955’ below. According to director Rich Coburn, the clip is about “Little men from Mars fire rage-inducing lasers at a humble fifties diner. You know, that old chestnut.”

“This clip plays around with the wholesome image of the 1950s that exists in our minds. Set in a diner, it’s a world where everything is perfect and the people polite and happy. However, we see this through the eyes of an outsider.”

“A young girl sits observing everything and it’s through her eyes that we see beneath the surface things are not what they seem. As the radio talks of Flying Discs in the sky, it’s almost like our ‘Visitor’ has a capacity to reveal the repressed emotions within our perfect world inhabitants until all those pent up emotions explode.”

Here's our new single '1955' feat Montaigne & Tom Thum. Watch as men from mars shoot rage inducing lasers at a humble 50…

Posted by Hilltop Hoods onSunday, February 7, 2016