Back in February, Tone Deaf reported on a study by Entertainment Assist, a charity that helps people working in the Australian music industry, which illustrated why it may not be such a good idea to work in the Australian music industry.

While the article was widely discussed across our social media channels, the general sentiment from readers was one of optimism. Regardless of the hardships that seem endemic in the industry, it’s hard to give up on a dream.

Well, for those tenacious readers out there who are still hell bent on working in music, it may be a good idea to find out just what kind of remuneration you can expect. Thankfully, Billboard have gone ahead and crunched the numbers.

They’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of salaries and pay rates from different sectors of the music industry — performance, touring, and media — albeit for the US music industry, but the infographics below should give you a good idea of how much a music gig pays.