Iconic US radio host Howard Stern is doing his best to record a hit single, teaming up with the likes of Mark Ronson, HAIM, and The Roots to achieve his dream.

Ever since he was first heard on the US airwaves back in the mid-’70s, Howard Stern has been an intriguing character. Famed for his foul mouth, his outlandish behaviour, and his versatility, Stern’s reputation has spilled over to other fields than just radio.

In 1992, Stern gave himself the nickname King of All Media, referring to his success as a television host, comedian, author, and damn near everything else. By 1997, his 1993 book Private Parts had been turned into a movie, giving him a successful film career as well.

However, by his own admission, the world of music has been one field he’s not been able to crack.

As Billboard reports, Howard Stern took to his radio program on Tuesday to reveal that in an attempt to have his own hit single, he’s teamed up with some of music’s biggest names.

Learn more about Howard Stern’s new single:

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According to Stern, he joked with colleague Fred Norris about recruiting him to write a song, the idea sort of snowballed.”So he went home and took me seriously, wrote the song, sent it to me and I said, ‘This sounds reasonable to me this song,’ and I’m no singer and it sounds reasonable,” Stern explained.

As it turns out though, Stern went on to recruit “young hot producer” Mark Ronson for his new song, explaining that he wants to sound something like B-52s singer Fred Schneider when it comes to vocals.

“I could yell out some shit and have a hit song. I don’t want to do much,” Stern noted. “We’ll get a bunch of girls that can really sing.”

“I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t usually do,” Mark Ronson added. “Take that voice, the platinum thing anyway, and just make it the star of the show.”

“You have a gift, all I have to do is put that gift in a shiny bow and put it on a nice beat and we can have a hit.”

While it remains to be seen just how popular this forthcoming single is set to be, Mark Ronson has reportedly put “50 hours” of work into the track, which also features LA rockers HAIM as backup singers, and members of The Roots’ horn section as well.

The track was set to be recorded on Tuesday afternoon, so we theoretically won’t have too much longer to wait before we hear this intriguing track.

Check out Rob Zombie’s ‘The Great American Nightmare’, featuring Howard Stern:

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