Ice Cube has come out in blazing saddles and launched his own cannabis range, in a direct nod to the Friday Movie.

Ice Cube recently dropped a new song in three years about cancelling cancel culture, but that’s not the only creation to come from the Boys in the Hood and “Death Certificate” singer. You see, he’s encouraged fans to “smoke some weed” before, but this time it’s somewhat of an official request.

Ice Cube launched the product on his Instagram page, titling it “Fryday Kush.” Apparently it is made with the “good stuff, it’s 46.2% THC, and 10.78% CBD,” the singer assures us.

Caviar Gold partnered up with the singer which is available in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Oklahoma. No word yet on online/shipping orders internationally.

“I partnered with Caviar Gold, so you know Fryday Kush is the best,” Ice Cube wrote. “Caviar Gold is the original infused & only patented cannabis brand on the market.” So, that’s some form of legitimacy, potential investors.

Other rappers have jumped at the opportunity to produce their own weed. Lil Wayne has hawked his GKUA Ultra Premium range, and Jay Z flexed his entrepreneurial muscles further (let us forget Tidal for a moment) with Monogram weed.

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While Elon Musk is pushing Doge coin and other ventures, it seems like the ol’ THC is a sure bet with some investors.

Kevin Smith was keen to congratulate Ice Cube and welcomed him to the Caviar Gold Med family, citing the rapper’s “Good Day” song as a nice way to ease him on board.

“I’ve got my own strains developed by green genius Cavi Mike, but I’m trying your new stuff this morning because it’s FRIDAY!” Smith said.

Ice Cube faced criticism for his Contract with Black America Campaign, a campaign that was intended to address and provide solutions for racism in the US.

Now it appears that Ice Cube ain’t got no haters with his slightly more palatable product.

Check out ‘It was a Good Day’ by Ice Cube:

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