Ice Cube has dropped his first new song in three years and look, the man’s not messing around.

‘Trying To Maintain’ sees Ice Cube attempt to ah, cancel cancel culture while seemingly referencing the backlash he received over his Contract With Black America campaign.

ICYMI, Ice Cube launched the Contract With Black America campaign in July last year in order to address and provide solutions for racism in the US.

Back in October, Ice Cube was forced to deny being a Trump supporter after permitting Republicans to add to the campaign while he was still president.

Now, he appears to have mentioned the debacle in ‘Trying To Maintain’, rapping:  “To everybody tryin’ to maintain, with a little Mary Jane on the campaign, we buy you in the fast lane, only act like this ‘cause the black ain’t, fuck your cancel culture, bitch, you can’t cancel a soldier, quit.” 

“See, I thought I told ya, drunk or sober, tell you when it’s over, slap the shit out a troller, I kill shit like Ebola,” he added.

On top of releasing the track, Ice Cube has revealed he is set to meet with Joe Biden to discuss racial inequality.

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“Yesterday [Biden’s team] reached out,” he told the Ryan Cameron Uncensored radio show (via NME) last week.

“I believe it will go down sometime this month. I don’t know exactly when. I’m available. I will make myself available,” he continued.

“I know this new administration is really into helping all minorities, but I believe Black people in this country are in a unique position. I think there needs to be things, as far as specialty programs – you know me, I’m all about reparations. It seems like a bad word to this administration but we gotta change that. And add some fairness to this system.”

Check out the new song by Ice Cube, ‘Trying To Maintain’: