Iggy Azalea has surprised fans by launching an “unapologetically hot” OnlyFans, after previously saying, “I don’t want to be a sex worker”.

The year-long collaboration with the popular subscription platform, called Hotter Than Hell x OnlyFans, will comprise part of the Aussie rapper’s wider marketing campaign for her fourth album, Hotter Than Hell.

The multimedia project will mix music, illustration, poetry, photography and video for artistic yet “unapologetically hot” content, with snippets from her forthcoming album scattered throughout.

“I’ve been working on Hotter Than Hell for six months already and I’m full of excitement and nervous anticipation to begin revealing it to the world, layer by layer,” Azalea said in a statement. “Admittedly, I never knew OnlyFans was a place where I could be creative, so I didn’t expect to be collaborating with them on my biggest project to date.”

The project has come as a surprise to many after Azalea’s 2018 response to porn company Bang Bros, who suggested a deal in adult entertainment when it was announced she had left Island Records.

“You should sign with us,” the company propositioned. “A**Parade would never be the same.”

“Disgusting on so many levels, and y’all trash too for reporting it without adding why,” she wrote in a tweet, which has since been deleted. “It’s creepy and fake pimp vibes to even approach women ’bout this sorta shit unsolicited.”

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After fans responded favourably to the offer, Azalea doubled down.

“I want to know why men think it’s ok to harass women online?” she wrote. “Why do men feel so comfortable being sexual predators? I don’t want to be a sex worker and shouldn’t have to deal with hundreds of predatory men invading my page because of a PR stunt from a porno company.

“Treat women better. Learn consent. Learn respect. This is gross.”

Azalea also declared she was pressing charges after nude photos from a 2016 GQ photo shoot were leaked in 2019.

“Today Im a ball of negative emotions. I feel blindsided, embarrassed, violated, angry, sad, and a million other things. Not solely because I did not consent to this – but also because of the vile way people have reacted,” she said at the time. “I fully intended on finding out where the leak originated from and pressing criminal charges in regards to this.”

In 2021, Azalea announced she was taking a few years off music to focus on other creative projects.

“Shifting my energy and focus to what I’m most excited about is what is right for me and I hope you’ll continue to support whatever creative projects I’m out here doing!” she announced on social media.

Azalea said the new project is “bold” and “fun” and anticipated it would surprise a lot of people.

“Once I looked beyond the surface level chatter about what it means to have an OnlyFans, I realized it was the perfect platform to launch a multimedia concept on,” she said. “I feel excited about not having to worry about the overwhelming and creatively limiting censorship artists have to navigate when sharing work on other digital platforms.”

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