Iggy Pop has released a new song inspired by COVID-19, the aptly titled ‘Dirty Little Virus’. 

In a video posted to his official YouTube channel, Pop explained that he tackled writing the song as a journalist would.

“I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep — more like journalism,” he said.

“Who, what, when, where. I left out the ‘why,’ because that gets too complex, but I put in how I felt about it.:

Pop went on to reveal that the pandemic was a “stopper” for him when it came to progressing with plans.

“It was a stopper for me… it’s been the big thing happening in my life, and everybody else’s, I reckon, for almost a year now,” he said.

“If there was still a Man Of The Year, it would be the virus. So, I wrote the lyric.”

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In other news, Pop recently donated his song ‘Free’ to a PETA campaign against unethical treatment of monkeys.

Pop explained that he hoped to help raise awareness about experiments performed on monkeys and the horrors they endure at the hands of humans.

“Anyone can see the pain and terror in these monkeys’ eyes,” he told Billboard back in September.

“No one should have to suffer like this.”

PETA spokesperson Moira Colley also spoke to Billboard about Pop’s contribution.

“As soon as PETA heard Iggy Pop’s song ‘Free’, we knew it was perfect for highlighting the suffering of monkeys held captive and tormented in laboratories,” she said.

“Luckily, Iggy is as kind as he is charismatic, and he immediately agreed to let us use it after seeing our disturbing footage of traumatised monkeys.”

Check out COVID-19 song ‘Dirty Little Virus’ by Iggy Pop: