Iggy Pop is doing his part to save monkeys by donating his song ‘Free’ to PETA.

It’s no secret that Iggy Pop has a soft spot for animals and a, ahem, lust for life. With that in mind, no one should be surprised that he’s gone and donated his song ‘Free’ to PETA in the name of saving monkeys.

Chatting to Billboard about why he’s donating the title track off his 18th studio album to PETA, Pop says that he wants to help raise awareness about experiments performed on monkeys and the horrors they have to endure.

“Anyone can see the pain and terror in these monkeys’ eyes,” Pop tells Billboard. “No one should have to suffer like this.”

‘Free’ is used as the soundtrack to a new PETA video depicting monkeys being caged and experimented on, all while the haunting lyric “I want to be free” is repeated throughout.

Just a heads up, the video is pretty intense and some of the imagery may not be suitable for everyone.


PETA spokesperson Moira Colley also issued out a statement to Billboard about Pop’s contribution.

“As soon as PETA heard Iggy Pop’s song ‘Free’, we knew it was perfect for highlighting the suffering of monkeys held captive and tormented in laboratories,” says Colley.

“Luckily, Iggy is as kind as he is charismatic, and he immediately agreed to let us use it after seeing our disturbing footage of traumatized monkeys.”

Iggy Pop is far from the first prominent artist to join forces with PETA in order to raise awareness about animal rights.

Ozzy Osbourne made a pretty confronting ad with PETA that decries cat declawing while Paul McCartney teamed up with the organisation to implore more people to adopt a meat-free diet.

In fact, this isn’t even Iggy Pop’s first go around with PETA as he previously teamed up with Nick Cave to make a surprisingly touching video about saving animals.

Check out ‘Free’ by Iggy Pop: