Seventh Street Media is proud to announce the launch of The Industry Observer: Australia’s new destination for music industry news, in-depth analysis, discussion, charts, and more.

The service will be entirely free, without any paywalls or premium subscriptions, making it both the perfect entry point for students and self-starters wishing to break into the music industry, and a handy daily resource for insiders wishing to keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

This delineation was vital in establishing The Industry Observer, as it gives us the freedom to report news accurately, evenly, and independently, without fear of content being dictated or manipulated by a paid subscriber base.

In addition, the decade-old J Play system — by far the most relied upon and visited B2B resource for the Australian music industry — has been rebooted, and will be part of the Industry Observer, adding an already-valuable resource to our arsenal.

With a launch staff that includes ex-The Music Network editors Poppy Reid and Nathan Jolly, Billboard’s Lars Brandle, The Brag editor Chris Martin, and Tone Deaf editor Brandon John, The Industry Observer already has a rich history in B2B and music publications.

CEO of Seventh Street Media, Luke Girgis said of the new publication: “Over the past few months we have been consulting with major and indie record companies, publishers, and promoters to build the publication they want to read. We are very fortunate in that The Industry Observer will launch in conjunction with the iconic J Play resource, so it will immediately have an audience of 30,000 + music industry readers who actively work in, and invest in music.”

Seventh Street Media recently acquired Tone Deaf and The Brag, as well as launching pop culture hub Don’t Bore Us.