With the very recent announcement of the Golden Plains line-up, we re-visited our wish-list of incredible innovations that we longed for at Aussie music festivals, discovering that we somehow missed a basic and genius gem that could revolutionise the music festival experience.

We speak of course of the ‘temporary set-time schedule tattoo’ that has been created by graphic designer, Sarah Lawrence, as Gizmodo point out.

Now, unless you’re some sort of organised freak that prints off a time schedule and highlights their day in advanced (we remember our first festival), one has to admit that it’s damn hard to keep track of what band is playing where and at what time. That’s why Lawrence decided to put an end to hazy, drunken confusions, creating a simple temporary tattoo that contains all set-times and their locations, to be inked onto punters arms.

Easy as one, two, three, the temporary tattoos work the exact same as the ones you could find wrapped around your childhood chewing gum, applying the schedule to your forearm and pressing a wet washcloth to the paper to reveal the entire days’ entertainment.

Lawrence promises the arm schedules will remain intact throughout your day/night of partying, no matter how much dancing and rain that you may endure, just apply a bit of oil to the tatt when you’re home and the words come gliding off.

We love this idea and are already rejoicing that we may never need to pick up some tattered and trampled set time booklet that’s fallen out of someone’s pocket, ever again.

Who’s up for putting in preorders for 2015’s insanely huge Soundwave Festival?

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