INXS rocker Tim Farriss has told a Sydney court he was forced into retirement following the boating accident that severed his finger.

Farriss is seeking medical, economic and other damages in his negligence claim against a boat company after his left ring finger was severed on Pittwater Bay on the Australia Day weekend back in 2015 while with his wife, Beth.

Farriss has claimed that the injury occurred when it was caught in a chain while he attempted to drop anchor.

However, the boat company and its owners John and Jill Axford, have disputed the claim the anchor chain and its motor were damaged.

As per SMH, John Turnbull SC, who is appearing for the defendants, said his clients will argue that “ultimately there was a risk of harm, but not to a person acting reasonably”.

He added that there were “alternative options” available and “a reasonable person would not have been injured if they had exercised reasonable care”.

“Our case is there was no damage – at some point, Mr Farriss must have loosened the clutch and he stepped on the up button, or perhaps the down button,” Turnbull added.

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“But, of course, only he knows.

“Our case is this is a misadventure, sadly, by Mr Farriss who has undoubtedly been injured as a result of, somehow or another, the chain and his fingers … coming into contact with each other.”

Meanwhile, Farriss’ barrister Adrian Williams told the court that despite having his finger reattached during surgery, it was now “useless” and has severely impeded the musician’s ability to compose music and play guitar.

“It is in a state now where he cannot play the guitar and he cannot compose in the manner he was accustomed to,” he said.

“He is unsurprisingly depressed.”

Farriss’s statement of claim went on the explain the gruesome nature of his injuries at the time.

“My hand was covered in rust, blood and mud, but I could see one of my fingers had been severed and the others were disfigured, badly lacerated and bleeding,” he recalled in the documents.

He also mentioned that comments made by his brother Jon during a 2012 concert that it “could very well be the last INXS concert” were a surprise to him, and he had planned to tour “for the rest of my life”.

Asked about his current occupation, Farriss replied “forced retirement”.

The hearing continues.

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