The ‘Dream Girls’ are back! K-pop group I.O.I are reuniting for a special fifth anniversary broadcast, and we can’t wait!

Stanning a temporary group is always a bittersweet thing. While they make their way into your heart, you also have to contend with eventually saying goodbye to them. Well, there’s always moments like these, where fans get a special glimpse of their favorite acts for momentous events. 

Fans of K-pop girl group I.O.I are in for one such event coming May. The group, who disbanded in 2017, have announced a special reunion broadcast for their fifth anniversary. The reunion will, however, will only feature nine of the 11 members, with Kyulkyung remaining in China and Mina filming for her upcoming show. The two are expected to join in virtually, however. 

News of the reunion was first reported by South Korean publication Sports Kyunghyang, who noted that the group will have a live broadcast on May 4th to celebrate their occasion. 

The reunion has, of course, been a long time coming. Despite suspending activities in 2017, the members have always been open to the idea of coming together once again. Back in 2019, a representative of the group confirmed plans for a comeback. With members Somi and Yeonjung involved in personal activities, however, the idea was shelved. The members themselves promised fans a special reunion shortly before disbanding in 2016.  

I.O.I came into existence in 2016 following the music survival show Produce 101. The group promoted for less than a year with 11 members, who returned to their respective agencies after the disbandment of the group and continued with solo or group promotions.

Ahead of the reunion, they also received congratulations from fellow Produce 101 alumnus Kang Daniel. Kang was part of the show’s second season, which spawned the hit group Wanna One. At the press conference for his latest release Yellow, Kang also revealed that he was open to Wanna One reunion, similar to I.O.I’s, should the opportunity arise.

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“As I.O.I announced they will be showing great sides of themselves, I congratulate them on it. Wanna One is also a precious memory to me. Although personally, my skills are still lacking, if there is a chance to, I would definitely consider it positively.” he said.

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Check out ‘Very Very Very’ by I.O.I:

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