It turns out Drake did have an encounter with Swedish authorities last week, with the rapper sharing evidence on social media. 

Rumours spread last week that Drake and his security team were taken into custody by authorities while they were visiting a Swedish nightclub late on Thursday. According to those unconfirmed reports, Drake was allegedly arrested on marijuana charges.

While it was true that Drake is in the Scandinavian country, with a video showing his private plane touching down in Sweden being shared online previously, the story of his misdemeanour was claimed to be false.

Huffington Post’s front page editor Phil Lewis dismissed the rumours on Twitter. “FYI: I talked to Swedish police and they told me Drake is not currently in their custody. (That was the only info they would give),” he wrote. He also added an update from Drake’s team, who said “Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested.”

On Sunday night though, the rapper shared a photo of a document given to him by the Swedish authorities (Polisen), confirming that an incident did actually occur.

“Information for Those Suspected of a Crime and Subsequently Detained”, the document was titled, and explains Drake’s rights under Swedish law.

Judging by the document, Drake’s situation isn’t too serious. It states that he can contact his country’s consulate and have messages sent and received on his behalf, and the matter will probably be resolved shortly. Compared to some U.S. rapper’s experiences in Sweden, he’s gotten off lightly.

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It’s unclear at the time of writing if he’ll even need to return to Sweden to attend court. He was spotted in Ibiza after leaving the country. It’s also unclear why his team denied any incident had occurred last week, when something clearly went down.

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