It’s been over seven years now since The White Stripes announced their breakup, shattering the hopes and dreams of fans who never got a chance to see them play live. However, if you ever thought we might be seeing the band getting back together, Jack White has some rather bad news for you.

Jack White is set to release his new album, Boarding House Reach, in just over a week, and recently spoke to Rolling Stone about his current plans and his creative process. However, it’s the statements that White made in regards to his former band, The White Stripes, that have fans talking.

While discussing the topic of writing songs for his musical projects, Rolling Stone asked White if ever found himself coming up with a song that would fit the work done by The White Stripes.

“That doesn’t really happen too much,” Jack White admitted. “I’m not telling people what to think about the White Stripes. They can think whatever they want about it. But there is a case to be made that in a lot of ways, the White Stripes is Jack White solo. In a lot of ways.”

“There’s only two people in the band. I was writing and producing and conducting. The melodies are coming from one person, the rhythm is coming from Meg,” he explained. “People define things by the label you give them. I’m sure if Billy Corgan called his solo album Smashing Pumpkins, it probably would’ve sold twice as many copies or whatever.”

Of course, the most important thing that fans are taking away from White’s marathon interview is his statements in regards to the possibility of a reunion for The White Stripes. “I highly doubt that would ever be a thing,” he admitted, bringing a litany of blues-rock fans to their knees in disbelief.

White also recently opened up about the state of rock music, saying that it “needs an injection of some new, young blood.” If The White Stripes really are a solo project for himself as he describes, then what’s stopping Jack White being the change he wants to see in the world of music?

Of course, considering that Jack White only doubts the possibility of a White Stripes reunion, we can always live in hope that he’ll change his mind one day.

Check out The White Stripes’ ‘Blue Orchid’:

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