Ahead of the release of her new EP ANTIHERO, Jaguar Jonze has announced a limited edition vinyl with designs by the singer herself.

Brisbane-based indie powerhouse Jaguar Jonze has been teasing her second EP ANTIHERO for some time now. Earlier today, she surprised fans with news of a limited edition vinyl release for the EP.

Apart from a digital release, fans can also get their hands on one of only 300 vinyl copies of the album . The one-time-only release will be signed by Lynch herself and be available on a first come, first serve basis.


Apart from this, the album will also be available on CDs and with limited merch bundles, sporting original designs and artwork by Jaguar Jonze, whose real name is Deena Lynch.

On the album’s tracklist are some songs that we’re already familiar with, including Jonze’s latest hits ‘Curled In’ and ‘Astronaut’. The latter, released in January, details her battle with anxiety. Also on the list are her 2020 singles ‘Deadalive’ and ‘Murder‘.

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Fans buying vinyl are in for another surprise, though. The vinyl comes with a B-side possibly sporting another bonus track. While details of the song itself have not been disclosed, it will only be available on the limited edition vinyl.

The EP is the latest in a string of new music that we’ve been receiving from Lynch after she recovered from COVID-19 last year, which caused her to cut short her tour. In a social media post in March, she reflected on the one-year anniversary of her diagnosis, and support the #StopAsianHate movement by recounting her personal experiences with racism.

“The Asian hate and racism I dealt with from friends, the public and those who were looking for a place to project while I was trying to recover from COVID-19 was unacceptable,” she wrote. “The Asian hate that the Asian community is dealing with right now in lieu of harmful comments being made in the media, on the internet and to our faces surrounding COVID-19, is unacceptable. The Asian hate through acts of extreme and unimaginable violence against Asian communities of people from all demographics and ages is unacceptable.”
“Racism is not new to me or to my fellow Asian communities but the pandemic has heightened and threatened our safety to a level where we can no longer be compliant and stay silent, nor should we have to. I will no longer push past the feelings I’ve had over the year and allow it to continue to hurt those around me. My body has healed but my heart remains broken. We NEED to make a change.” she said.
You can read more about this topic over at the Asia Pop Observer.

Check out ‘Curled In’ by Jaguar Jonze: