If you’re looking for one more song to pop into your Hottest 100 shortlist, let us direct you to the dreamy single by Jaguar Jonze – ‘Rabbit Hole’.

We’re coming up fast on a new year, which means it’s time for us to submit our votes for the best songs of the year to hear in triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown. With such a brilliant year of music, despite not-so-brilliant times, this year’s countdown is set to be one of the best.

So, do you have your votes sorted yet? Maybe you’ve got nine ready to go, but are looking for that perfect ten to round out your votes? If so, we’ve got you covered. Your tenth vote ought to be Jaguar Jonze’s thrilling single ‘Rabbit Hole’.

Born in Japan, this Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter is nothing short of wonderful with her mystifying and pensive songs, that are delivered with pure energy through breezy vocals that show both her sweet and fierce sides.

For those of us wanting the pure Jaguar Jonze experience, ‘Rabbit Hole’ encompasses everything she’s about. Released back at the beginning of 2020 – before any of us would know what the year would be like – ‘Rabbit Hole’ served as a dream-like fusion of indie rock.

Showcased as a single prior to Japanese-born artist Jaguar Jonze’s debut EP Diamonds & Liquid Gold, ‘Rabbit Hole’ takes the listener into a beat infused tune that certainly gets stuck in your head a time or two. With Jaguar Jonze even tapped by Eurovision Australia Decides 2020, ‘Rabbit Hole’ was performed to an incredible 2 million viewers.

Exploring themes of chaos and vulnerability, ‘Rabbit Hole’ takes us through an exploration of “the relationships we have with our vulnerabilities and how it manifests into different coping mechanisms,” Jaguar Jonze states.

“Music and art have become integral to my healing and awareness and the song is another part of that exploration.”

Check out ‘Rabbit Hole’ by Jaguar Jonze:

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Accompanied by a bathed in yellow music video directed by Ribal Hosn (Harper’s Bazaar, David Jones, Vogue, Wonderland, Oyster Magazine), Jonze notes that visual accompaniment stemmed from her being a huge fan of Ribal’s “ability to draw out intimacy from the smallest movements and angles through his art form.”

Continuing on, Jonze states that with the video, she wanted to “paint a story of anxiety, identity crisis, paranoia, and false hope rolled into one short video and I’m really proud of what we have achieved in both its simplicity and its complexity.”

Considering we’ve all felt those moments of paranoia, false hope, and anxiety during this crazy, roller coaster of a year, ‘Rabbit Hole’ places a stronghold on our hearts, and helped us to rationalise the chaos we were living in, and was maybe a bit of foreshadowing with how many rabbit holes we’d hop down during lockdowns.

From being a brilliant artist in the world of music to working on her adjacent projects such as illustration through Spectator Jonze, and her photography project Dusky Jonze, multi-talent Deena Lynch – the woman behind Jaguar Jonze, ensures that everything she does “stems from the need for dialogue – Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body.”

That being said, if you need one final artist to round out your Hottest 100 votes, then may we suggest Jaguar Jonze and her single ‘Rabbit Hole’? Not only is this indie rocker conjuring up some killer beats, but she’s making conversations happen through her platforms, and is showing us how to be the best musician one can be.

So, head over to triple j’s Hottest 100 voting, and chuck Jaguar Jonze a vote for her thrilling single ‘Rabbit Hole’, and maybe after you can go down the rabbit hole yourself and discover all of her other brilliant tunes.

Check out Jaguar Jonze performing ‘Rabbit Hole’ live at Eurovision Australia Decides 2020:

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