Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante has announced the release of his first full-length electronic album in six years, titled Maya.

Nearly a year after surprising fans by rejoining Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Frusciante has announced the release of his new solo album, Maya. To commemorate the announcement, Frusciante shared the track ‘Amethblowl’ from the upcoming album.

From the available info, Maya seems to be a nod to Frusciante’s solo work away from RHCP, during which he vacillated between numerous electronic music genres. For nearly a decade after he left the band in 2009, he dabbled in experimenting with EDM to house music.

Harking back to the same, Maya is Frusciante’s first instrumental electronic album under his own name. ‘Inspired by his favorite music’, as the press release says, the album carries influences of UK breakbeat hardcore and jungle circa early to mid 90s.

Frusciante named the album after his late cat, Maya, saying: “Maya was with me as I made music for 15 years, so I wanted to name it after her. She loved music, and with such a personal title, it didn’t seem right to call myself Trickfinger, somehow, so it’s by John Frusciante.”

Referring to his long-time relationship with the UK rave music scene, Frusciante described how his process of making music changed after he let go of his ‘self-imposed limitations.’

“For a full year before I started this record, I worked within self-imposed limitations and rules that made the music-making process as difficult as possible, programming for programming’s sake,” he said. “After a full year of that, I decided to make things easier, to the degree that I could regularly finish tracks I enjoyed listening to, while continuing many of the practices I‘d developed.”

“Throughout the recording of Maya, I would prepare to make each track very slowly, but would finish tracks very quickly. I’d spend weeks making breakbeats, souping up a drum machine, making DX7 patches, and so on. By the time an idea came up that seemed like the beginning of a tune, I had a lot of fresh elements ready to go.” He explained. 

Maya also reflects the monumental changes in Frusciante’s broader discography. According to him, he is not interested in singing and writing lyrics anymore. 

The natural thing when I’m by myself now, is to just make music like the stuff being released this year. I really love the back and forth with machines and the computer.” he said in his statement

Maya comes out on Friday, October 23rd.

Check out ‘Amethblowl’ by John Frusciante: