In April this year, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten slammed Danny Boyle’s Sex Pistols TV series, based on Steve Jones’ 2018 memoir Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol.

Lydon said, “I think that’s the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever had to endure. I mean, they went to the point to hire an actor to play me but what’s the actor working on? Certainly not my character. It can’t go anywhere else [but court].”

He continued, “Sorry, you think you can do this, like walk all over me – it isn’t going to happen. Not without a huge, enormous fucking fight. I’m Johnny, you know, and when you interfere with my business you’re going to get the bitter end of my business as a result. It’s a disgrace.”

It seemed that back in April, Lydon was seeking legal advice against the film, due to the fact that it had been produced and created without his ‘consent’ or his ‘participation’.

But now as per Stereogumthere’s been somewhat of a plot twist with Steve Jones and Sex Pistol drummer Paul Cook now taking to court to sue Lydon over the rights to use the band’s songs for the show.

Lydon had refused to grant them a licence to do so.

A lawyer representing Jones and Cook have reportedly referenced an agreement the band came to in 1998 which says that licensing requests can be granted based on a “majority rules basis.”

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At the moment, Sex Pistols’ original bassist Glen Matlock as well as Sid Vicious’ estate have taken sides with Jones and Cook. Despite this, Lydon still has refused to grant his consent to use the music.

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