Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme seems to have softened up a bit in his older years. Sure, he’s still managing to rock the faces off of countless fans, and he’s able to stick it to the man by making churches feel uncomfortable with his album artwork, but it turns out he’s taking on the soft and cuddly role now too, with the rocker announced to be reading a bedtime story to kids on British TV network CBeebies.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Homme talked about the band’s upcoming plans, which includes a tour of Europe. While he let slip that he’s not going to be doing too many interviews while in the country, he surprised fans with what else he’ll be doing while over there.

“I’m going to be reading the bedtime story on CBeebies,” said Homme. “I’m not doing many interviews this time but I will make time for that to happen.”

Of course, too many this may come as a surprise, after all, Homme is a rather imposing figure whose music is characterised for its loud, raucous, and unrelenting style. But the rocker, who has three children with Aussie wife Brody Dalle of The Distillers and Spinnerette, seems keen to give something back to the younger generation. Or maybe he’s trying to recruit new fans from right out of the cradle, it’s not clear.

For those unaware, the BBC’s CBeebies network is a television channel designed to appeal to children aged six and under. Throughout the day, regular television presenters hold a brief ‘storytime’, in which they read a story to their young viewers. However, the last program of the day, the ‘bedtime story’, is usually read by a guest presenter. In the past, celebrities such as Simon Pegg, David Hasselhoff, Chris Evans, and Tom Hardy have all signed up to read stories to kids. Now, Josh Homme will join the ranks, hopefully sending kids off to sleep with his smooth voice.

No word yet on when his story will be available to watch, but considering the group’s English dates aren’t until mid-November, that’s probably when it’ll be filmed. So we’ll have to wait a bit right now.

Queens Of The Stone Age’s Villains was released just yesterday, check out the record’s lead single, ‘The Way You Used To Do’, below.

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