After a legal battle over his contract, K-pop star Samuel has clarified that he has reached an arrangement with Brave Entertainment. 

After a lengthy battle over his contract, K-pop star Samuel has clarified that he’s reached an arrangement with his former agency, Brave Entertainment.

“In November, we expressed regret over the judgment of the first trial of the exclusive contract with Samuel and expressed our intention to appeal,” said Brave Entertainment in a statement. 

Said appeal referred to the agency’s declaration to contest the decision of the Seoul Central District Court, which ruled that Samuel’s contract with them was void and dismissed their suit for damages worth 1 billion won (approx $800,000 USD).

“However, after talking with Samuel for a long time, we decided to to end the misunderstandings and reach an amicable settlement.” The statement read. 

Samuel had filed a legal complaint and appealed to be emancipated from his contract with Brave Entertainment in 2019. In his appeal, he cited concerns about the company CEO’s legal battles, being made to work events not on his schedules, and unfair profit distributions as the reasons. 

Shortly after Brave Entertainment’s statement, he took to Instagram to add: “The past three years of court proceedings have been difficult, but it has been a time where I was able to think and learn a lot. I want express my deepest gratitude to Garnet (fandom name) and everyone who didn’t forget and waited for me during this long hiatus!” 

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“Now, I ask for your support as I return as an adult, and I will do my best with the mindset of starting from the beginning again while not losing my original intention. I’m dreaming of the day I’ll soon be able to greet you with good songs and great performances, and I’m happy to be able to at least share news like this.” He said. 

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