K-pop star Holland recently said he was the victim of a homophobic attack in South Korea where he was beaten and called ‘a dirty gay.’

Holland, who is a massive K-pop star, has recently reported that they were the victim of a homophobic attack in South Korea. Holland said he was walking with his manager and a friend when a random stranger came up to them and hit Holland in the face while directing homophobic remarks at him. He also shared an image of the wound and said he was going to be checking into a hospital soon.

“Last night, I was walking around Itaewon with my manager and a friend. Suddenly, a stranger man approached me and hit me on the face twice, calling me ‘a dirty gay’. Now I have a scar on my face and I’m going to the hospital soon.”

In Holland’s follow-up Tweet he called the attack a hate crime and stated that his publicly known sexuality should not be a reason for violence and continued to decry violence against a variety of targetted groups.

“This is obviously a hate crime. The fact that my sexuality as gay is public should never expose myself to this kind of violence. Nor any other LGBT+ and all elders, women and minorities in this world. This happening in 2022 shows the sad reality of LGBT+ human rights.”

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The South Korean artist then assured fans that the case had been reported to the police and that he is currently waiting for the case to be solved. He ended the Tweet with a sentiment of hope that people will choose love instead of hate in the future.

“I reported to the police and I hope the case is well solved. This should never happen to anybody in this world, no matter who you are. I wish our world is filled with more love and hope rather than hate and violence.”

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