This whole time we’ve been under the impression that Kim Kardashian was actually the first one to want out of her marriage with Kanye West.

But according to a recent report from Page Six, that’s potentially not even the case. Apparently it may have actually been the other way round. According to an insider, West is  “super annoyed that the story is being constantly presented as her divorcing him.” The same source has also stated that the Kardashian family is a “huge spin machine.”

The source added, “Actually it was him saying for a year that they have nothing in common except the kids and he wanted out. She pulled all the stops to try to save the marriage.” And the bombshells continue to drop, with the source also adding that West let Kardashian “file first in order to give her dignity.”

In another report that came to light on Page Six after the divorce news first broke, a source said, “Even before Kim filed for divorce, Kanye changed his numbers and said, ‘You can contact me through my security.’ Despite this, she trusts him around the kids. He loves them and is seeing a lot of them. She leaves the house and he arrives and hangs out with the kids. They have an army of nannies so the transition is easy.”

News of the Kardashian West divorce was confirmed back in February earlier this year, with Kardashian hiring a lawyer to settle the split.

At the time, TMZ had detailed the specifics of the divorce plans so far, those specifics including that both West and Kardashian aren’t contesting a signed prenup and that they were sorting out a property settlement agreement already.

Now a source has told Page Six that, “Kim owns all the land around the house, but Kanye had bought the house himself, then they split the cost of the renovations. Kim fought to keep the place because it is their children’s home, and she won.”

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